Boney Burbs

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Boney Burbs
Boney Burbs View.png
Type Named Location
Island Apollo
Introduced Patch 16.00
Characters Tarana

Boney Burbs is a named location added in Chapter 2 Season 6, located northeast of Weeping Woods, west of The Spire, southeast of Sweaty Sands, south of Pleasant Park, far west of Colossal Crops and northeast of Holly Hedges. It is a farm-like area combined with Salty Towers.

Points and Sublocations

Boney Burbs Top View
Boney Burbs Top View.png
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Map Changes


  • Boney Burbs was added to the map during The Zero Crisis Finale Event, replacing Salty Towers.


  • Boney Burbs is the first POI which replaces a named location combination of two existing POI.
  • Boney Burbs is the sixth version of Tilted Towers, but also a second version of Salty Towers.