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Birthday Llama is a Llama Piñata that was released as part of Fortnite 1st Birthday Celebration event. The llama includes items from all previous Event Llamas and Event Store excluding Event Quest Rewards. Opening a Birthday Llama guarantees at least one Legendary and one Epic or better card including one Hero. It could be purchased with Road trip ticket icon.png 1000 Road Trip Tickets earned by completing missions during the Road Trip event.

During its release, a dupe prevention mechanism was also added to all Llamas wherein after it has determined the rarity and type of drop, it will select an item from the category that is not in the player's inventory or Collection Book.






  • Upon the release of Birthday Llama, there were issues with the Dupe Prevention that still allow players to receive duplicate cards when opening a Birthday Llama. On July 24th, the issues were resolved[1] and granted 1 Birthday Llama for every 2 Birthday Llamas opened to all players who purchased the Llama during the duplication issue.
  • Following Hydra's unintended inclusion in Birthday Llamas during the Fortnite 1st Birthday Celebration event, Hydra was made available for purchase in the Event Store at a discounted price of Gold icon.png 840 Gold and was also added on subsequent opening of Birthday Llamas.
  • Luck Demolisher Wildcat, Highland Warrior Wildcat and Battle Hound Jonesy were added on the Birthday Llama despite being Quest Reward Items as the You Don’t Have To Go Home… quest only rewards one among three Heroes.
  • On Patch 5.20, 3 Free Birthday Llamas have been issued to all players as a compensation for the Birthday Llama issues.