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Chapter 1[]

Season 1[]

Season 1 Map

Season 2[]

Season 2 Map

Map V1.11 (December 13th)[]

  • Christmas Trees have appeared across the map.
  • Christmas Trees disappeared.

Map V2.20 (January 17th)[]

Snobby Shores Geo-1
Shifty Shafts Geo-1
Haunted Hills Geo-1
Junk Junction Geo-1
Tilted Towers

Map V2.50 (February 12th)[]

  • Shrines have appeared across the map.

Season 3[]

Season 3 Map

Map V3.10 (February 27th)[]

Lucky Landing Geo-1

  • Happy Chinese New Year! Props were added.

Map V3.30 (March 14th)[]

  • March 20th: players of Battle Royale started to notice a meteor in the sky.

Map V3.40 (March 14th)[]

  • March 29th: telescope camps began appearing around the map

Map V3.60 (March 14th)[]

  • April 24th: a small camp site appeared on the rooftop in Tilted Towers. The campsite included handheld signs with a picture of a UFO, and a text that read "Today Tomorrow".

  • April 25th: a test-pattern graphic featuring the silhouette of a Supply Llama on it was posted on the official Fortnite Twitter account. Television sets in-game started broadcasting the test-pattern graphic and along with an unintelligible audio file.

  • April 26th: meteors began to fall from the sky, damaging buildings and trees [1].

Season 4[]

Season 4 Map

Map V4.00 (May 1st)[]

  • Dusty Depot was mostly destroyed by the meteor and renamed to Dusty Divot. The Factories were completely destroyed. A research facility was erected in the center of the divot. Old depot's warehouses were damaged but still standing on the outer rim of the crater. An operation excavating a large meteor has commenced at the center of the divot. A mysterious space rocks called Hop Rocks can be seen lying around the area.
  • Risky Reels, a drive-in theater with big screen, eating space and a filming room was added on the map. A small-sized crater which contains Hop Rocks can be also found at its center.
  • A Mansion POI was added on the southeast side of Lonely Lodge. The Mansion is a 2-story house with secret basement downstairs that has control system, computers and a meeting table. There's also an open side that leads to a cliff.
  • Villain Lair was added on the west side, east of Snobby Shores. The lair is equipped with control system, living quarters and a massive rocket ship.
  • A meteor has hit Tilted Towers and created a huge crater at the center of the city completely destroying a 3-story building. Hop rocks can be also found on the crater.
  • A secret base was added 3-basement underneath the blue house of Salty Springs. The base has also a control system and a gym.
  • Prison POI was also hit by a large meteor and destroyed the center half of the area including jail cells and the cafeteria.
  • The depot building at Yonder Yard was replaced with a disco building.
  • Moisty Mire was converted into a large production set with green screens, props and stages.
  • Filming locations were also added on different remote parts of the map (B6).
  • The house on the Shifty Shaft was redesigned and a shack was changed to a 2-story log cabin.
  • A small meteor has crashed the Motel POI creating a hole on the large pole sign and creating a shallow crater. The bus was also flipped and slammed into motel due to the meteorite's impact.
  • Unbreakable rocks have spawned on the map, particularly near the Salty Springs and at the middle of the lake in Loot Lake.
  • Small houses were replaced with a shed and a large warehouse with a filming setup on the northwest side of Junk Junction.

Map V4.10 (May 8th)[]

  • The central facility in Dusty Divot has been covered up by some roof panels.
  • A mysterious bunker was found in Wailing Woods.

Map V4.20 (May 16th)[]

  • The crater in Tilted Towers have been patched up. A dump truck is clearing the debris and remains of furniture on the destroyed area.
  • The progress in the meteor's excavation is halfway done. A metallic entity can be seen through certain areas of the meteor.
  • A Fork Knife truck has appeared on the map.

Map V4.30 (May 30th)[]

  • Dusty Divot's meteorite excavation is almost completed. Trees and grass have started growing on the crater area.
  • The crater in Risky Reels is being patched up. Theater board has been updated with movie titles: Dusty Impact, The Hills are Hunted, The Cabin in Wailing Woods.
  • Hop Rocks convoy has approached at the Indoor Soccer Stadium is heading to the Villain Lair.
  • Trucks were flipped on the outer crater near southwest of Pleasant Park.
  • Omega and Carbide posters have appeared on the map.
  • Dancing platform and a disco ball has been added inside a Loot Lake warehouse.
  • Leafless vines have appeared on the map.

Map V4.40 (June 11th)[]

  • A semi-indoor Soccer Stadium POI was added near Junk Junction and Motel.
  • Dusty Divot meteor excavation was completed. An empty space pod was found at the core of the rock. Cars and a chopper on area of the west part have been flipped. Trees and grassland continues to grow in Dusty Divot.
  • The Hop Rocks convoy from Tilted Towers is now approaching Snobby Shores
  • Wooden ramps have appeared on the mountain near south of Pleasant Park.
  • Hop Rocks and meteorite fragments have been found at the Villain Lair.
  • Craters on Risky Reels have been completely patched up. New selection of film titles were also added on the theater marquee board: The Beautiful Game, Nothing But Not and Mirror of Lies.
  • A heavy equipment has started tearing down the remains of the broken building in Tilted Towers
  • The Hop Rocks convoy from Risky Reels is now passing through Anarchy Acres.
  • Crater near the Fatal Fields is being patched up. The convoy are being escorted west across the bridge.
  • Soccer goal pitches have spawned at Fatal Fields, Container Yard, Risky Reels and Flush Factory

Map V4.50 (June 27th)[]

  • A detective agency office has been added at the vacant space of Retail Row's commercial area.
  • Risky Reels’ film on the theater marquee board have been replaced with new titles: White Lion, The Orange Crusher and TV Dreams.
  • Crater on the southeast of Retail Row has been filled. The Hop Rocks convoy from the crater has started moving.
  • Convoy from Risky Reels is now at the Pleasant Park.
  • Crater near the Fatal Fields have been completely patched up. The Hop Rocks convoy is on their way to Greasy Grove.
  • The crater near Haunted Hills have been also completely patched up. The convoy is heading to the Villain Lair.
  • A new building is under construction on the patched up crater in Tilted Towers.
  • Cars and equipments have moved from the Dusty Divot site and has been deserted. Grass and trees continues to grow up to the central site of the divot. Few Hop Rocks in the area still remain.
  • The Rocketship at the Villain Lair has been fully upgraded.
  • A 72-hour countdown timer can be seen flashing on the televisions.
  • June 27th: A siren can be heard coming from the Villain Lair.
  • June 30th: The rocket from the Villain Lair has launched. A rocket remain has hit Anarchy Acres. (See Blast Off)
  • June 30th: Following the rocket launch, a rift has appeared in front of the entrance to Lonely Lodge causing the welcome sign to disappear.
  • July 1st: Second rift was found in Motel.
  • The fracture in the sky is steadily growing.
  • July 2nd: The Motel sign has disappeared by a rift. (July 2nd). A third rift was found in Tomato Town at the top of Uncle's Pete Pizza Pit (July 2nd).
  • July 3rd: The tomato head has disappeared. Fourth rift was discovered in a commercial area in Retail Row. A new crack has formed in the sky and continues to grow.
  • July 4th: The NOMS' grocery sign has disappeared. Fifth rift has spawned on the signage of Durr's Burger Restaurant in Greasy Grove.
  • July 5th: The burger statue on Durr's Burger has disappeared. Sixth rift was found in B6 (coordinates) at the mountain between Greasy Grove and Snobby Shores.
  • July 6th: A mysterious anchor has appeared at the previous location of the rift at B6.
  • July 7th: Seventh rift was seen on a hill at I8 (coordinates) of Moisty Mire near Prison.
  • July 8th: A stagecoach has spawned on the previous location of the rift at I8.
  • July 9th: Eighth rift was spotted on I9 at (coordinates) of Moisty Mire near the submerged Ice Cream truck.
  • July 10th: A set of skeletal bones has appeared at the previous location of the rift at I9.
  • July 12th: Another crack has appeared at the sky.

Season 5[]

Season 5 Map

Map v5.0 (July 12th)[]

  • Open Soccer Field POI at C2, north west of the map was removed.
  • NOMS' sign was found at north east of Risky Reels.
  • Durr Burger statue was found on the mountain at D3, east of Pleasant Park.
  • A goodbye sign was put out on Uncle Pete's Pizza Pit at Tomato Town Which later turned into Tomato Temple
  • Stone Head Statues have scattered throughout the maps; C2, C6, E7, E10, F5, G3 and I5.

Map v5.10 (July 24th)[]

  • Risky Reels' drive-in section has been lined up with cars. Flipped cars and destroyed houses' roofs were fixed.
  • A tombstone was added near Paradise Palms to pay homage to the "greatest rescue mission in Fortnite[1]".
  • Dance platforms and disco ball on the Loot Lake warehouse were removed.
  • A vehicle ramp was added between Loot Lake and Lazy Links.
  • Trucks have appeared between Salty Springs and Dusty Divot.
  • Clay Pigeons, Birthday Cakes and decorative balloons were added throughout the map.

Map v5.20 (August 7th)[]

  • The truck has moved to the western side of Dusty Divot.
  • The rift in the sky has shrunk a bit. Parts of it are less bright and one of the trails is barely visible.

Map v5.21 (August 15th)[]

  • The crack in the sky continues to shrink.
  • A rift reappeared on the former area of spinning tomato head at Tomato Town.
  • The rift disappeared bringing back the tomato head but has shrunken and turned into stone.

Map v5.30 (August 23rd)[]

  • The crack in the sky shrinks significantly, and turns into a dark shade of purple, causing lightning strikes[2].
  • Tomato Town was replaced with Tomato Temple.
  • The trucks have moved to the northwestern side of Dusty Divot.
  • The screen at Risky Reels has been fixed and now displays the winning entry of the Fortnite Blockbuster Contest, "Prepare For Collision". Posters of the movie can be found in the area and the marquee board displays the title of the movie.

Creation of the CUBE[3]

  • Construction of the new building in Tilted Towers has resumed.
  • The motel sign has reappeared, but seems damaged.

Daily Oddities

  • August 24th: Lightning strikes hit the H9, southeast part of the map destroying each cacti on a formation within an interval of time. Lightning are getting stronger and bigger over time.
  • August 24th: The rift put out its final lightning strike, making that one its longest. when it stopped, a mysterious purple cube appeared and the rift shrunk one last time and finally disappeared. It displays runes and unknown symbols. It has also started to roll and moving on a single tile direction with the interval of 1 hour and 43, minutes per movement, sometimes shorter intervals.
  • August 26th: The CUBE made 11 tile movements from H8 going north then 3 tile movements going west G8.
  • August 27th: The CUBE made 7 tile movements from G8 going north reaching G7, 4 tile movements going back to G8 then 4 tile movements heading west.
  • August 28th: The CUBE made 10 tile movements from G8 going west reaching F8 and has stopped moving on an elevated ground. It has also been surrounded with a low-gravity magnetic dome that provides an effect similar to Hop Rocks and causing the bottom of the CUBE to glow.
  • August 29th: The CUBE has started to move again and made 8 tile movements from the elevated ground climbing to the hill. It also left a burning imprinted rune into the ground which became the center of the magnetic dome.
  • August 30th: The CUBE made 21 tile movements from the hill then going down and continues to move heading west reaching E8 going D8.
  • August 31st: The CUBE made 28 tile movements from D8 to C7 approaching Greasy Grove.
  • September 1st: The CUBE made 9 tile movements on C7 then stopped and was surrounded with low-gravity magnetic dome.
  • September 2nd: The CUBE has started to move again from C7 and made 17 tile movements, has started to head north passing C6 and ended up on D6. It also left the second burning imprinted rune into the ground which became the center of the magnetic dome.
  • September 3rd: The CUBE made 25 tile movements from D6 going north east to E6.
  • September 4th: The CUBE made 21 tile movements from E6 heading east reaching F6 then stopped and was surrounded with low-gravity magnetic dome.
  • September 5th: The CUBE has started to move again from F6 and made 9 tile movements on G6, outer rim of Dusty Divot. It also left the third imprinted rune into the ground which became the center of the magnetic dome.

Map v5.40 (September 6th)[]

  • The remains of Dusty Depot have been changed, one part is now a tiny museum telling the story of the Meteor that crashed down, destroying some of Dusty Depot and turned it into Dusty Divot.
    • The other factories were converted into a mini museum and a dining place called "Dusty Diner".
  • The building in Tilted Towers that the meteor destroyed is now fully constructed and is now an outdoor store with a thrift shop in the basement.

Daily Oddities

  • September 6th: The CUBE made movements from G6 going west and has reached H6.
  • September 7th: The CUBE made movements from H6 heading west reaching Retail Row then stopped and was surrounded with low-gravity magnetic dome.
  • September 8th: The CUBE has started to move again from H6 and made movements passing Retail Row and ended up on I6. It also left the fourth burning imprinted rune into the ground which became the center of the magnetic dome.
  • September 9th: The CUBE made movements from I6 going north and has reached I5.
  • September 10th: The CUBE made movements from I5 heading north west passing by I4 then stopped and was surrounded with low-gravity magnetic dome at H4 of Wailing Woods.
  • September 11th: The CUBE made movements from H4 going northwest and ended up on H3. It also left the fifth burning imprinted rune into the ground which became the center of the magnetic dome.
  • September 12th: The CUBE made movements from H3 going west and has reached G3.
  • September 13th: The CUBE made movements from G3 going back and forth within F3-F4. Stopped at F3 and was surrounded with low-gravity magnetic dome.
  • September 14th: The CUBE made movements from F3 going northwest and ended up on E3. It also left the sixth burning imprinted rune into the ground which became the center of the magnetic dome.
  • September 15th: The CUBE made movements from E3 and ended up on D3 near Pleasant Park.
  • September 16th: The CUBE made movements from D3 passing D4 then going southeast and has reached C4. Stopped at C4 and was surrounded with low-gravity magnetic dome.
  • September 17th: The CUBE made movements from C4 going south and has reached C5. It also left the seventh burning imprinted rune into the ground which became the center of the magnetic dome.
  • September 18th: The CUBE made movements from C5 going south.

Map v5.41 (September 18th)[]

  • September 18th: The CUBE made movements from C5 going west crossing D5 of Tilted Towers. The CUBE also destroyed the newly built store partially.
  • September 19th: The CUBE made movements from D5 going north to the dock near Loot Lake factories.
  • The CUBE has reached the waters of Loot Lake and sunk under it. Loot Lake turned into purple and became bouncy similar to the effect and the appearance of the CUBE. The middle island also started rumbling

Season 6[]


Map v6.00 (September 27th)[]

  • New Castle POI near Haunted Hills.
  • The house in the centre of loot lake has risen up in the air from the CUBE and has made a vortex through the lake.
  • Corn has started growing on the fields in Fatal Fields.
  • Four cabins have appeared in Wailing Woods, and the house in the hedge maze has been turned into a secret lab.
  • The seven runes the CUBE imprinted into the ground have grown larger, corrupting the land around them and spawning a new item, Shadow Stones, with up to three chests around each rune, similar to the stone heads back in Season 5.
  • The shack by Fatal Fields that was destroyed by the CUBE is now under reconstruction.
  • The Villain Lair POI and the Mansion POI have became abandoned and started to decay.
  • A Halloween store has appeared in Retail Row at the previously unoccupied space between McGuffin's bookstore and the unnamed camping equipment shop
  • September 28: There are Halloween decorations slowly appearing in many different places on the map.
  • September 28: The floating island has gone towards rune 7.
  • September 29: The CUBE has lifted up the rune and chests themselves, causing the CUBE to absorb the runes power which made it grow in the basement of the house. It also opened up small holes that act like Shockwave Grenades.
  • September 29: Ghost decorations have started appearing.
  • October 1: The CUBE absorbed enough power, placing the rune and chests back into the ground and left a beam of light. The bouncy holes still remain and the island is now on the move again.

Map v6.01 (October 4th)[]

  • The floating island has gone to Rune 2 and lifted the rune and chests into the air and the CUBE began to absorb power. More CUBE growths have appeared on the house island, even creating a couple inside the house itself.
  • October 5: The CUBE has absorbed enough power from rune 2, placing the rune back down and left another beam of light. It grew around the perimeter of the house and is on its way to rune 1.
  • October 6: The CUBE is absorbing Rune 1's power and it has grown into the upper floor of the house.
  • October 7: The CUBE continues to grow in the upper floor of the house.
  • October 8: The CUBE leaves rune 1 and is on its way to rune 4.
  • October 10: The CUBE absorbs rune 4's power and it grew onto the wood beams just below the house.

Map v6.02 (October 11)[]

  • The CUBE absorbed rune 4's power and is now on its way to rune 5.
  • Loot Lake was renamed to Leaky Lake.
  • October 13: The island has gone to rune 5 and the CUBE has began to absorb it's power.
  • October 14: The island leaves rune 5 and seems to be on its way to rune 6. The CUBE has grown into the attic.

Map v6.10 (October 16)[]

  • Demolition crews have moved in and started demolishing the remains of the destroyed sporting goods shop in Tilted Towers.
  • A race track has appeared in the former place of the Open Soccer Stadium.
  • A truck transporting Quadcrashers has appeared in Salty Springs.
  • The CUBE absorbed rune's 6 powers and headed towards the final rune, Rune 3.
  • October 18: The CUBE begins to absorb Rune 3's powers.
  • The 6 other runes that the CUBE previously absorbed are starting to rise again.
  • October 19: The runes have started to float towards the main island.
  • October 20: The runes arrived at the main island and the CUBE begins to absorb their powers again.
  • The CUBE absorbed Rune 3’s powers and the other 6 runes and it’s seem to be heading back to Leaky Lake. The particles of the CUBE in the house are glowing. The seven runes have fallen to the ground.
  • The Island has begun to move back to Leaky Lake.
  • October 21: The CUBE has begun to draw power from the vortex in leaky, causing a light to appear above the island, presumably opening a portal.
  • October 22: The portal in the sky has grown significantly.

Map v6.20 (October 24)[]

  • The CUBE has now blown up the floating island above Leaky Lake, causing it to split into three fragments.
  • The runes are no longer glowing.
  • Fatal Fields was turned into a halloween theme park, complete with three haunted houses and a field maze.
  • A Battle Bus has crashed north from the Leaky Lake.
  • The former Battle Bus located north, east of Shifty Shafts has disappeared.
  • In Greasy Grove, there is a new truck with the Pizza Pit logo on the side.
  • October 26: The CUBE has started to develop cracks.
  • October 27: The CUBE continues to crack.
  • October 28: There are now cracks on each side of the CUBE.
  • October 29: The cracks are now more prominent and visible.
  • October 30: The cracks get longer.
  • October 31: The cracks are almost everywhere on the CUBE now.

Map v6.21 (November 1)[]

  • Greasy Grove's Durrr Burger restaurant is closed.
  • Strange rift noises can also be heard from the CUBE.
  • Floating objects have been found at Motel.
  • A small brick has been found floating beneath the chair at the Mansion.
  • A bed in the Lonely Lodge has been floating.
  • November 3: The outer shell of the CUBE has fallen off it, revealing a slimy inside that occasionally leaks out what appears to be goo.
  • November 3: The upper shell seems to be broken but without the light from the goo.
  • November 4: The CUBE has exploded, causing everyone to go into a white "pocket dimension." Everyone was teleported out of the dimension when a rift-butterfly touched their finger. There is now land in Leaky Lake.
  • November 4: In the middle of the land in Leaky Lake, there are fragments of the CUBE(as if inspired by Stonehenge).

Map v6.22 (November 6)[]

  • The corrupted areas have been overgrown with grass and flowers.
  • The soccer pitch in Pleasant Park was changed into an American football pitch.
  • A Durrr Burger truck is at Greasy Grove and is battling for money with the Uncle Pete's Pizza Pit truck.
  • Durrr Burger's windows have been boarded.
  • November 8: A parachute has appeared on top of the tallest chimney in Flush Factory.
  • November 10: The Durrr Burger truck and the Uncle Pete's Pizza Pit truck are at the football stadium.

Map v6.30 (November 14)[]

  • The Durrr burger truck and the Uncle Pete's Pizza Pit truck are at Pleasant Park.
  • There are now portals at the Wailing Woods hidden bunker that leads to the other cabins in Wailing Woods.
  • November 18: The food trucks are at Haunted Hills.
  • November 19: A blizzard cloud can first be seen at a distance from Flush Factory.
  • November 20: The food trucks are at the race track near Junk Junction.
  • The NOMS sign has re-reappeared to its original place in Retail Row
  • November 24: The Durrr Burger truck and the Uncle Pete's Pizza Pit truck are parked at a parking lot in Motel.

Map v6.31 (November 27)[]

  • November 27: The Durr Burger truck and the Uncle Pete's Pizza Pit truck are at Lazy Links with the Uncle Pete's Pizza Pit truck in the lead despite going in the wrong way when it comes to race to Tomato Temple.
  • November 28: The blizzard cloud turns out to be an iceberg, later known as Polar Peak.
  • November 29: A castle can first be seen in the iceberg.
  • November 30: The trucks are now at Tomato Temple with the Uncle Pete's Pizza Pit truck wining the race, ahead of the Durr Burger truck.
  • The lights on the iceberg castle are now on.
  • December 1: The food trucks are now at the Dusty Diner near Dusty Divot.
  • December 4: It is starting to snow on the spawn island.
  • The food trucks are now at Retail Row.

Season 7[]

Season 7 map

Map v7.00 (December 6th)[]

Map v7.01 (December 11th)[]

Map v7.10 (December 18th)[]

  • Polar Peak has melted much more, revealing more of the castle, and the rest of a few of the houses. A small piece of ice has also been added in place of where the Infinity Blade would stand.
  • The NOMS sign has been removed from the store at Retail Row. A small Pizza Pit restaurant building has also been added next to the Pizza Pit truck.
  • Large candy canes have started to appear around the map, as well as large Christmas trees at different locations.
  • A new Dumpling restaraunt was added to Lucky Landing.
  • The snow biome is starting to spread and expand.
  • December 25th: The entire map has now been covered in snow.
  • December 26th: The map has turned back to normal.
  • December 30th-January 1st: Every Hour a Giant Disco Ball would appear in the sky and cause everyone on the map to do the Boogie Bomb dance with fireworks in the sky (Celebrating New Year). After a while, the ball would explode and a firework launched into the air, afterwards it created an explosion which showed the Llama symbol and "2019" numbers.
  • January 1st: The tunnel in the back of Polar Peak has melted more, allowing entrance into a lower level of the castle. Some mysterious ice eggs can be found inside.
  • January 2nd: All Christmas decorations are gone, besides the Holiday bushes and Stormwings.
  • January 4th: The big chunk of ice that is covering what seems to be a bunker on the outer island between B10 and C10 has started cracking.
  • January 8th: Most Christmas Decorations (Such as Trees, Candy Canes and Snowflakes) have returned, due to the "14 Days Of Fortnite" event being brought back for 7 more days.

Map v7.20 (January 15th)[]

  • All of the 14 Days Of Fortnite Christmas decorations are now gone again.
  • A floating ice sphere has appeared above Polar Peak. It seems to contain the Ice King inside it. The iceberg has also melted even more, revealing more of the castle and ice eggs inside it.
  • The reconstruction of the building in Tilted Towers is almost complete.
  • The Diner near the Race Track has been changed into a SoFDeeZ ice cream shop.
  • A stone lady statue has appeared at Lonely Lodge.
  • The snow biome has expanded a bit more.
  • A big chunk of ice between B10 and C10 is cracking even more, and can now be damaged with weapons in game. It has 5 Billion Health, and damaging it affects other players in different games.
  • January 16th: The big chunk of ice has been destroyed and revealed a bunker, similar to the one in Wailing Woods. Just like the one in Wailing Woods, it cannot be opened or destroyed.
  • January 16th: Televisions began displaying a "Weather Warning" screen, which warn of a snowstorm coming to the island.
  • January 17th: Televisions are now displaying a 48-hour weather countdown, similar to back in Season 4.
  • January 18th: There is now fireballs and strange symbols around the Polar Peak Sphere, in a clock shape.
  • January 19th: The Ice King has broke open the sphere and summoned a gigantic phantom of him which made a snowstorm that covered the entire map with snow again. It also spawned ice shards that create Ice Monsters that are very similar to the Cube Monsters in Season 6.
  • January 22nd: There are now Snowmen scattered around the map.
  • There is now a golden truck next to a couple of houses near The Block.
  • The big chunk of ice inside the Polar Peak castle dungeon has slightly melted.
  • The construction of the Tilted Towers building is very nearly done.
  • January 26th: The ice inside of the dungeon has melted more, revealing some type of pedestal that is chained up. There may be a person trapped inside the ice.
  • January 28th: The piece of ice in the Polar Peak dungeon has melted slightly, and a arm of the prisoner is sticking out.

Map v7.30 (January 29th)[]

  • The piece of ice in the Polar Peak dungeon has completely melted and the pedestal is empty, meaning The Prisoner has escaped.
  • The chunk of ice covering the Infinity Blade altar seems to be melting.
  • The Big Shots shop that the Durrr Burger truck set up some tables near has been changed into a new Durrr Burger Shop.
  • The new Tilted Towers building has finally been finished - it appears to be a News HQ.
  • A stage is being set up at Pleasant Park where the Football Field is.
  • The Stone Man statue has moved again.
  • All of the snow over the map is starting to melt, starting from the north-east part of the map.
  • January 30th: More of the map, including The Block, Wailing Woods and Lonely Lodge, has melted.
  • Some speakers and stages have been set up at Pleasant Park.
  • January 31st: Golden Balloons have appeared across the map for the challenge.
  • Even more snow across the map, including Tomato Temple, Lazy Links and Junk Junction, Retail Row and Paradise Palms has melted.
  • February 1st: The stage at Pleasant Park has been fully set up, complete with lights and singing equipment.
  • The snow across the map is still melting, with Salty Springs, Pleasant Park, Fatal Fields, Dusty Divot, Loot Lake and Haunted Hills melted.
  • February 2nd: As a NPC, Marshmello performed a 10 minute-long concert, with music, lights, holograms and more, at Pleasant Park.
  • A mysterious light from a distant mountain outside the map has appeared.
  • The snow on the map has melted back to how it was before the ice sphere was destroyed.
  • February 3rd: The stage at Pleasant Park is now gone
  • February 5th: The Pleasant Park football field has been changed again, due to Super Bowl LIII.
  • The Block has been changed into a Chinese town.
  • There are Chinese new year decorations around the map.
  • The ground is occasionally shaking and rumbling noises can be heard, which is an earthquake. 
  • February 6th: The Pleasant Park football field has been changed back to normal.
  • The earthquakes are getting more intense, and trees and other objects are falling over. 
  • February 7th: The earthquake has gotten stronger, causing cracks in the ground. The first one has appeared near Tomato Temple.

Map v7.40 (February 14th)[]

  • Valentine's decorations are now across the map.
  • Cracks are starting to appear in the ground across the map (for full list see The Earthquake Event).
  • Tilted Towers seems to be cracking.
  • Snow is melting in some areas like the Stadium, Tilted Towers, Snobby Shores, and the house on the hill.
  • The ice eggs in the Polar Peak dungeon are now gone.
  • The Stone man and Stone Lady statues now seem to be waving at each other.
  • The Block has been changed into a factory plaza.
  • February 15th: More cracks are appearing in the ground, as well as large cracks near Lazy Links and Wailing Woods.
  • February 16th: Even more cracks have appeared near Dusty Divot and The Block.
  • The snow has melted even more. Snobby Shores and the Stadium are no longer covered in snow.
  • February 17th: The crack near Dusty Divot has expanded, as well as the crack near The Block.
  • The pizza pit restaurant in Retail Row has slightly increased in size.
  • Lots of more grass is growing in and around Paradise Palms.
  • February 19th: Another crack has appeared east of Salty Springs.
  • A crack has appeared north of Loot Lake.
  • The Block has been changed into a tank.
  • The bridge northwest of Tomato Temple has been partially destroyed by a earthquake.
  • The Quadcrashers near Junk Junction's Race Track have been replaced by Driftboards.
  • Another crack has appeared northeast of Retail Row
  • February 22nd: The grass in the west part of Wailing Woods is starting to dry up and is turning a slightly brown color.
  • February 23rd: More cracks are appearing around the map.
  • February 24th: The two cracks west of Lazy Links have expanded.
  • X-shaped marks are appearing across the map, more commonly found on hills and mountains.
  • February 25th: More of the grass in Wailing Woods is drying up, and some of the trees are turning a brown color.
  • February 26th: All the trees in Wailing Woods and the area around it, including some of Lonely Lodge and Tomato Temple, have turned brown. The grass has also completely dried up and turned brown.
  • February 27th: Ashes start to rise up from Wailing Woods, and then a large, final crack appeared in Tilted Towers and destroyed the news HQ building.

Season 8[]

Season 8 map

Map v8.00 (February 28th)[]

  • The northeast part of the map has been covered in jungle, with a large volcano and lava river at the centre. Some of the missing eggs previously seen at Polar Peak and a throne can be found inside the volcano. There are also stone heads similar to the stone heads from Season 5 in the jungle.
  • New POIs: Lazy Lagoon and Sunny Steps.
  • Removed POIs: Wailing Woods, Lazy Links, Motel Vacanic (POI), Container Yard (POI), Northern Houses (POI)
  • Tomato Temple is no longer a named POI.
  • The store, pass n gas, and house at Tomato Temple were removed.
  • The underground section of Tomato Temple was covered up by the new biome.
  • The road tunnel is filled with lava and it’s northern exit is blocked with stone.
  • Lazy Links was replaced by Lazy Lagoon.
  • The Block is now in the northwest part of the map, replacing Motel Vacanic (POI).
  • An unnamed hot springs POI was added northeast of Lazy Lagoon.
  • More expedition outposts are appearing across the map, more commonly in the new jungle biome. Some expedition outposts were removed as well.
  • Expedition Outposts and hangars have appeared where The Block used to be.
  • Small Volcano Vents, that push the player upwards like the holes at the Corrupted Areas, were added.
  • Pirate camps are appearing across the map.
  • A knife and fork shaped hole has appeared north of Fatal Fields, replacing one of the former Corrupted Areas.
  • A rabbit with a carrot was added north of Snobby Shores.
  • The two houses south of Haunted Hills have been changed.
  • The two houses east of Salty Springs have been changed.
  • Brown patches have appeared at the old corrupted areas.
  • The Tilted Towers building have been nearly repaired.
  • The stone man and stone lady statues have been destroyed.
  • Many broken buildings across the map have been repaired.
  • A bit of snow near Tilted Towers has melted.
  • A pig was added east of Lucky Landing.
  • The metal turtle northeast of Lonely Lodge was removed.
  • Faces are appearing on mountains in the different biomes of the map, for a challenge.
  • The Durrr Burger shop at Retail Row has expanded.
  • A Volcano Vent has appeared at the RV Park, causing one of the vehicles to flip over.

Map v8.01 (March 6th)[]

  • The Block has been changed into a upgraded, turtle like structure.
  • Pieces of broken eggs have appeared inside the volcano lava.
  • The stone people statues are beginning to rise again.

Map v8.10 (March 12th)[]

  • The Tilted Towers building has almost finished construction.
  • The green house in Snobby Shores started decaying and is taken over by Vikings.
  • The Block has been changed into a jungle temple or shrine area.
  • The stone man and stone lady statues have fully rebuilt themselves, and they seem to be looking for each other.
  • The Uncle Pete's Pizza Pit restaurant at Retail Row has expanded.
  • A tribal camp has appeared north of Sunny Steps, and seems to have Ice King symbols around it.
  • Ballers are appearing across the map at Pirate Camps and Expedition Outposts.
  • March 13th: A helicopter has appeared on the northeastern edge of Hot Springs. This helicopter was not a choppa and couldn't be flown.
  • March 15th: The helicopter has moved to a hill north of Lonely Lodge.
  • March 16th: The helicopter has moved to a hill south of the Race Track.
  • March 18th: The helicopter has moved to a hill south of the desert junkyard.
  • March 19th: The Block has changed into a little Chinese settlement area.
  • A large truck at Tilted Towers is emptying out furniture, next to the nearly finished building.
  • The stone man and Lady statues have started walking.
  • March 20th: The helicopter has moved to a hill southwest of Trucker's Oasis.
  • March 21st: The helicopter has moved to a peak southeast of Happy Hamlet.
  • March 24th: The helicopter has moved to a peak in between the submarine and the house next to it.
  • March 26th: The helicopter has moved to Viking Outpost.

Map v8.20 (March 27th)[]

  • The pool house in Snobby Shores has been taken over by Vikings.
  • The new Tilted Towers building has finished construction. It appears to be an insurance agency named "No Sweat Insurance". Cardboard models of the meteor, the rocket from Season 4, the CUBE, the volcano and the city can be seen in the first floor of the building.
  • The Durrr Burger shop in Retail Row has expanded again to include a second floor.
  • A baller course was added outside of Happy Hamlet.
  • The Block has been changed to a retail campground area.
  • Two black trucks transporting three small excavators have arrived at a green flat northwest of Paradise Palms by mismatched halved bridges over desert edge on the opposite site to the pirate camp. The logos on the excavators on the site show that the site was constructed by the same organization that constructed the Dusty Divot research facility. The trucks look exactly the same as the ones all around the map at the meteor crater sites in Season 4.
  • March 28th: A new excavation site has appeared near the broken bridge at the edge of the desert where the black trucks with excavators stopped.
  • The rocks in the hole south of Retail Row are now damageable, and have 1 billion hit points. Like the chunk of ice in Season 7, damaging these rocks in one game will affect players in all games.
  • The helicopter has moved to a hill west of Pleasant Park.
  • March 29th: The helicopter has moved to eastern edge of a mountain northeast of Pleasant Park.
  • Desert edge excavation revealed a new Volcanic Vent and caused 5 more to form around the excavation site.
  • March 31st: The helicopter has moved to the hill between Loot Lake and Lazy Lagoon.
  • The organization's trucks with excavators appeared in Dusty Divot.
  • April 2nd: The stone man and lady statues are now at the edge hill of the lava stream from the volcano, and seem to be calling out for each other.
  • The Block has been changed into a mansion or temple area.
  • The helicopter has landed on the hill west of Dusty Divot.
  • Excavators have started digging a hole in the middle of Dusty Divot. About half of the central building has been demolished in the process. The rocks in the middle of the excavation area are damageable, and have several million hit points.
  • April 3rd: The rocks in the Dusty Divot have been destroyed, and the hole is now filled with lava.
  • April 4th: The helicopter has moved to the hill by the northwest edge of Tilted Towers.
  • April 5th: The organization's black trucks transporting excavators stopped at easternmost Loot Lake shore, south river bank.
  • Excavators have begun working on a dig site by Loot Lake.
  • April 7th: After some rocks were broken at the Loot Lake digsite, a metal roof was been revealed underneath the ground, possibly hinting a secret underground bunker.
  • The helicopter has moved to the hill between Pleasant Park and Loot Lake.
  • April 9th: The helicopter has moved into the West interior of Loot Lake.

Map v8.30 (April 10th)[]

  • The Uncle Pete's Pizza Pit restaurant in Retail Row has expanded to include a second floor. The spinning tomato head from Tomato Town has also returned.
  • The Block has been changed into a temple area.
  • The Stone Lady statue is swimming in the volcano's lava.
  • The modern house in Snobby Shores has been taken over by Vikings.
  • Reboot Vans are appearing over the map - there is one at each major POI.
  • More excavators and trucks have appeared at Loot Lake.
  • April 12th: Some excavators are starting to head towards Loot Lake.
  • April 15th: All the excavators have surrounded the middle island, with the CUBE fragments, at Loot Lake.

Map v8.40 (April 17th)[]

  • The central part of the Loot Lake has been dried, and several watchtowers and research facilities have been constructed around it by the organization. The excavators have revealed what appears to be an indestructible metal hatch in the middle of the lake. Many trucks and cars belonging to the organization as well as a few police cars have appeared near the lake. The CUBE fragments disappeared.
  • The Durrr Burger restaurant in Retail Row has expanded. The burger mascot has appeared at the top of the restaurant.
  • The house with the court in Snobby Shores was taken over by vikings. The fifth house has been fortified by its residents.
  • The stone man statue is climbing down into the volcano's lava, while the stone lady seems to be calling for him.
  • The Block has been changed into a ice kingdom.
  • Secret underground bunkers have appeared under two houses in Pleasant Park.
  • More damageable rocks have appeared in the dig site outside of Loot Lake.
  • The house next to Uncle Pete's Pizza in Retail Row now has a underground bunker.
  • April 18th: Durrr Burger and Pizza Pit telephones have appeared around the map, for a challenge.
  • A ruin symbol has appeared above one of the plates on Loot Lake's metal door.
  • Jigsaw pieces have appeared around the map, for a challenge.
  • April 19th: A floating rune has appeared. It can be damaged, but when brought down to 0 health it would move.
  • April 20th: The rune moved to outside of the frozen over Greasy Grove.
  • April 21st: Another ruin symbol has appeared on a plate of Loot Lake's metal door.
  • The floating rune has gone inside a Loot Lake metal door hatch, and caused a light to come out of it.
  • Smoke has started to come out of the volcano.
  • The frozen Greasy Grove is melting - water and cracks can be seen under the ice.
  • The eggs in the volcano are cracking.
  • April 22nd: A new floating island with a rune symbol has appeared already floating above Loot Lake, it however cannot be damaged yet.
  • Laser generators with the rune symbol have appeared on top of volcano, east of Polar Peak and northwest of Pleasant Park. They can be hit to direct the lasers toward the rune.
  • April 23rd: The lasers have connected with the rune above Loot Lake, and caused it to go inside a metal door hatch. Another Rune has appeared.
  • More smoke is coming out of the volcano, and the bottom smoke part is now red.

Map v8.50 (April 25th)[]

  • The stone man statue is now swimming in the volcano's lava, and is holding a flower for the stone lady.
  • The Block has been changed into a abounded theme park.
  • A new rune island has appeared in the clubhouse in the Club House POI. There is a meter next to the rune; dance to make the meter go up.
  • One of the government setups in Loot Lake now has a chalkboard in it, which displays a possible theory that the hatch is a vault of some sort.
  • Underground basements were added to a few houses in Pleasant Park and Salty Springs.
  • April 26th: The rune moved from the Dance Club and to Loot Lake, where it went into one of the hatches and activated it.
  • The smoke and lava in the volcano is now darker, and seems to be rising.
  • The room with the chalkboard in Loot Lake has several screens on it, one of them shows a Bouncer.
  • April 28th: The 4th Rune Symbol has now appeared at Loot Lake.
  • A Rune has appeared at the hill east of Tilted Towers, there are 9 squared tiles below the rune.
  • The Rune at the Tilted Towers hills teleported to Loot Lake and activated into one of the the slots from it, causing the volcano to smoke even more.
  • April 30th: A new rune symbol has appeared above the final loot lake door hatch.
  • April 31st: A room inside one of the Loot Lake government hatches seems to have a picture of a X-4 Stormwing on it.
  • May 1st: The stone man and lady statues are now standing together with each other.
  • The volcano spurts bursts of lava into the sky while the ground trembles the closer the player is to it. Rumbling can be heard erratically.
  • Another picture has been revealed in the Loot Lake hatch, revealing a Tactical Submachine Gun.
  • A rune has appeared in the volcano, there is a bar on the symbol; drop materials and ammo in to fill it up.

Map v8.51 (May 2nd)[]

  • The Block has been changed into a stone warrior statue, with towers around it.
  • A new screen has appeared in the Loot Lake chalkboard room.
  • May 3rd: The final rune from the volcano teleported to Loot Lake and entered the last hatch. A new, 24 hour countdown timer has appeared above the hatch similar to Season 4 and Season 7.
  • The smoke from the volcano is now rising up more, and is more red. The volcano is now also more erratically spewing out lava and rumbling.
  • The back wall of the dance club has fallen down and the music has stopped playing.
  • May 4th: The countdown at Loot Lake expired, the hatch has opened a portal, sending players back to the In-Between. Soon after players exited the realm, the smoke from the volcano had covered the sky and soon began to erupt. Retail Row, Polar Peak and Tilted Towers were hit by the blasts and were severely damaged.
    • All of the buildings in Tilted Towers were heavily destroyed, except the "No Sweat Insurance" building.
    • The shopping area of Retail Row was badly damaged, mainly the shops and the Durrr Burger and Uncle Pete restaurants. Only remains of the shops and residential area remain.
    • Polar Peak has started cracking.
    • An ash cloud from the eruption is blocking most of the sunlight, making the sky look darker.

Season 9[]

Season 9 map

Map v9.00 (May 9th)[]

  • New POIs: Neo Tilted, Pressure Plant and Mega Mall.
  • Neo Tilted and Mega Mall replaced Tilted Towers and Retail Row.
  • The Government has set up new facilities at the volcano and turned it into a power plant.
  • Hovercrafts with slipstreams have appeared across the map, they coincidentally seems to be above the former Corrupted Areas.
    • A long trail of slipstreams has also been added across the map.
  • The Block has been changed into a luxury courthouse.
  • Damaged remains of the old clock tower from Tilted Towers and other broken things have been appeared at Junk Junction.
  • Most of the pirate camps have been removed.
  • Most of the volcano vents have disappeared besides the ones near Pressure Plant.
  • Blimps can be seen flying in the sky.
  • Wind Turbines have been added across the map.
  • A large tube is pumping energy out of the vault at Loot Lake, this seems to power Neo Tilted. Grass and trees have also grown in the dug-up area.
  • A fish statue was added to the Hot Springs POI.
  • The houses in what used to be Retail Row have been revamped and repaired.
  • The shack on the hill south of Mega Mall was renovated.
  • The farm south of Paradise Palms has been changed into a villa.
  • The repairing of the shack north of Fatal Fields that was crushed by the CUBE has continued.
  • A car and truck mech east of RV Park has been redesigned.
  • The first two digsites have been abandoned by the government. The one at Loot Lake has a watchtower built around it.
  • The stone man and lady statues have seemingly disappeared.
  • Some factories at Loot Lake have been revamped, and a new one was added.
  • The land around the former Corrupted Areas that died in Season 8 has once again grown back.
  • The wooden rabbit statue north from Snobby Shores was removed.
  • A giant fish trophy has fallen through the roof of a house between Dusty Divot and Mega Mall.

Map v9.01 (May 15th)[]

  • The Block has been changed into a mall area.
  • A building in Neo Tilted was changed.
  • Llama signals with colors can be seen on TVs around the map again.
  • The frozen Greasy Grove is starting to melt more.
  • The cracks in Polar Peak are spreading all throughout the iceberg.

Map v9.10 (May 22nd)[]

  • The Block has been changed into a pirate lagoon under attack by a kraken.
  • Polar Peak has cracked even more, and strange noises can be heard from inside. Ice dust is also coming out of it occasionally.
  • Some cars and trucks carrying destroyed items are heading towards Junk Junction.
  • The big wooden sled at the Outskirts has been changed into a metal rocket.
  • More grass is growing in Paradise Palms.
  • A house north of Snobby Shores has been expanded and taken over by Pizza Pit fanatics.
  • A farm with the Stone Man and Stone Lady statues, as well as a baby, was added northeast of Lonely Lodge. The stone man is growing flowers.
  • TVs with the llama symbols in them have appeared in Neo Tilted.
  • Polar Peak is rumbling and having dust come from it much more frequently. The iceberg has also broken more.
  • Bouncing noises are coming from TVs in Neo Tilted, and the TVs occasionally flash.
  • Some of the tiles in the Dance Club have turned off, and only turn back on when walked on.
  • The northern lights have moved away from the snow biome.
  • May 28th: The Block has been changed into a robot scorpion structure.
  • The Polar Peak iceberg has melted and cracked more, and has revealed a eye of a creature. The eye is also looking around.
  • The stone child has wandered away from the man and lady, and he found a stone dog.
  • Polar Peak has melted even more and revealed more of the eye.
  • May 30th: The iceberg has melted even more, and the eye in it has started glowing a bit.
  • June 5th: The stone family have seemingly disappeared.
  • Polar Peak is melting even more and revealed even more of the eye.

Map v9.20 (June 6th)[]

  • The iceberg of Polar Peak has collapsed, causing the castle and Infinity Blade altar to completely be destroyed and broken into pieces - some of the buildings were also destroyed.
    • The monster that was inside of the iceberg has disappeared into the ocean.
  • Some footprints have appeared across the map, leading away from Polar Peak and ending near Snobby Shores.
  • The shack destroyed by the CUBE near Fatal Fields now has a second floor.
  • The Block has been changed into a military base.
  • The stone man and lady have returned to the farm, while the stone child is playing around. The stone dog is also now hiding behind a tree.
  • Even more grass has grown in Paradise Palms.
  • Frozen Greasy Grove is melting even more.
  • June 9th: A chunk of ice carrying the Polar Peak castle can occasionally be seen bobbing in the ocean before sinking back in. It seems to be carried by the monster.

Map v9.21 (June 12th)[]

  • The fortified northernmost house in Snobby Shores has been destroyed by the monster.
  • The stone woman and man are continuing work on their farm, while the stone child is playing on a hill.
  • The Block has been changed into a pirate lagoon cove.
  • Frozen Greasy Grove continues melting.
  • June 16th: The modern house at Pleasant Park was destroyed by the monster.

Map v9.30 (June 18th)[]

  • Many of the main factories near the western Loot Lake shore have been destroyed and much damaged items, along with a giant monster footprint, have been left behind. The power tube from the vault to Neo Tilted has also been damaged, and has electrical sparks coming out of it.
  • Snow Cone trucks, along with little umbrellas and relaxation chairs, have appeared at various points of the map.
  • Giant umbrellas and beach balIs have appeared across the map.
  • A few solar panels have been added near Paradise Palms and Frosty Flights.
  • The shack near Fatal Fields that was crushed by the CUBE now has a third floor and some stairs.
  • The Block has been changed into a valley under attack by a dragon.
  • A bit of snow has melted.
  • The stone man and woman are still working in the farm, while the child is doing a cartwheel and the dog is climbing a tree.
  • June 20th: Some ice creams, that can be eaten, have been added to Mega Mall.
  • June 25th: Pressure Plant has been upgraded, with a metal hatch and new government facilities.
  • The stone man and woman are relaxing at their farm, while the child is exploring more.
  • The Block has been changed into a Chinese valley.
  • More summer props have been added across the map.
  • July 2nd: Two robot feet and part of a leg have been built at the Pressure Plant.
  • The stone man and woman are worried about their child, who is playing on a mountain near the stone dog.
  • The Block has been changed into a farm rollercoaster again.
  • A giant metal duck on the northern river of the map has moved a few times.
  • July 3rd: Many portals from Stranger Things have appeared at Mega Mall.
  • July 4th: Another leg and part of the thighs of the robot at Pressure Plant has been built. The metal hatch has also opened, and some drones can be seen building it.
  • The moving metal duck is now just south of Loot Lake.
  • July 6th: More of the legs and the thighs of the robot at Pressure Plant have been built.
  • Propaganda posters and holographic warnings, similar to such during World War II, have appeared across the map.
  • July 7th: The moving metal duck is now in Loot Lake.
  • July 8th: The torso of the robot at Pressure Plant has now been built.
  • The Block has been changed into a pyramid.
  • The stone man and woman are still worried about their child, and the stone woman is calling out to him. Meanwhile, the stone child is climbing down a cliff while the stone dog has spotted him.
  • The Stranger Things portals at Mega Mall have now disappeared.
  • July 10th: The left bicep of the robot at Pressure Plant has been built.
  • July 12th: The full right arm of the robot at Pressure Plant has been built.
  • July 13th: A giant, 7-day countdown timer has appeared above all of the Sky Platforms.
  • July 14th: The left arm of the robot at Pressure Plant has been finished. A jetpack was also built onto the robot's back.
  • The monster carrying the Polar Peak castle can be seen much more frequently and moves much faster. The whole map also trembles whenever it appears.

Map v9.40 (July 17th)[]

  • The construction of the robot at Pressure Plant has been finished, complete with a head and several different colors and styles just like Singularity's styles.
  • The shack destroyed by the CUBE near Fatal Fields now has a fourth floor.
  • The Block has been changed into a castle courtyard area.
  • All of the 14 Days of Summer props and items across the map are now gone.
  • The stone child is now falling off of the cliff and the stone dog is trying to pull him back up. The stone man and woman seem shocked or confused.
  • Even more grass is growing in the desert.
  • July 20th: The countdown expired and the Polar Peak Monster arose from the depths. The robot at Pressure Plant then turned on, and they both fought each other with various attacks and destroyed various buildings and props. Eventually, the Robot broke open the vault at Loot Lake and used it's power, along with the statue in Neo Tilted as a sword, to defeat the Beast once and for all. The Skeletal Remains stand just northwest of Salty Springs, and the robot flew away.
  • Other areas of the map were temporarily damaged. These were likely changes not intended for the event.
    • A few houses at Salty Springs were damaged and the blue house is completely destroyed.
    • A few trees were destroyed.
    • The Stadium (POI) had its surrounding area temporarily destroyed. The Monster was thrown next to the Stadium during the event.
    • Most of Loot Lake's surrounding area was destroyed except the factory.
  • July 21st: The floating orb above the vault at Loot Lake has cracked a little bit more and has more particles coming out of it.

Map v9.41 (July 23rd)[]

  • July 24th: The floating orb at Loot Lake is cracking even more, and has turned slightly red.
  • The Block has been changed into a volcanic and tropical temple.
  • The stone child has been pulled up by the stone dog, and he is now petting it. Meanwhile, the stone man and woman seem relieved and they are holding hands.
  • Many birthday decorations have appeared across the map.
  • Even more grass is growing in the desert.
  • The cracks from the earthquake back in Season 7 have disappeared.
  • July 25th: The floating orb at Loot Lake is now slightly purple, and has a blue aura around it.
  • July 27th: The floating orb at Loot Lake is turning brighter and also has more particles coming out. A clock ticking or heartbeat sound can also be heard from inside.
  • July 29th: The floating orb at Loot Lake has become extremely bright and has more particles coming out of it. There is also lot's of light coming out of it.
  • July 30th: The floating orb at Loot Lake is now pulsing and emitting lot's of string-like particles. It is also extremely bright and flashing.
    • A tree near the vault has also turned yellow.
  • July 31st: With the conclusion of the 2nd Birthday event, the large birthday cakes are now gone, although the smaller edible ones remain.

Season X/10[]

Season 10 map
Dusty Depot Season X

Dusty Depot, back with its former glory.

Map v10.00 (August 1st)[]

  • Dusty Depot and the Factory POI have returned, replacing Dusty Divot and Dusty Diner.
  • A new Frozen Meteor POI has been added south of Dusty Depot, in the sky.
  • Some of the ground and trees surrounding the Skeletal Remains have turned a pink color.
  • The Zero Point orb at Loot Lake exploded, and a antigravity zone has been created at the center of the lake. Strange noises can be heard when inside it, and there are floating objects everywhere.
    • The power cable is now inactive, and shows a very dark red and black pattern that moves slowly.
  • The Block has been changed into a tropical resort area.
  • All of the Sky Platforms, wind turbines, propaganda posters and blimps in the sky have been removed.
  • The stone family have disappeared again.
  • Most of the Slipstreams have been removed, apart from the ones surrounding Neo Tilted and Mega Mall.
  • The shack that was destroyed by the CUBE near Fatal Fields now has more stairs and work done on the walls and roofs.
  • Some more grass has grown in Paradise Palms.
  • A shack south of Paradise Palms near the CUBE's birthplace has started growing strange roots similar to the ones seen in the CUBE corrupted areas from Season 6.
  • The red house at the Pueblo that used to be filled with chairs is now filled with TVs instead.
  • One of the mini little castles south from Polar Peak now has a couple of toilets and pipes on it, these are the same ones from Flush Factory.
  • A mini movie screen and a "Drive-In Theatre" sign has appeared east of Sunny Steps, hinting Risky Reels' Return.
  • All of the volcano vents have stopped working.
  • A golf club house has appeared near Lazy Lagoon, hinting at the return of Lazy Links.
  • The metal spaceship at the Outskirts has turned back into the wooden chair from pre-Season 7.
  • The battle bus that crashed north of Loot Lake during Fortnitemares has Turned into a crashed RV.
  • One of the arms of the car and truck mech east of RV Park has fallen off, and it is holding a pole and raising it in the air. It seems to reenacting the Mecha from The Final Showdown Event.
  • A a giant teddy bear has appeared in a shack west of Paradise Palms.
  • A bit of snow has melted at the Viking Outpost.
  • A garage with gnomes on top of and inside the building has been added on a hill west of Pleasant Park.
  • Half of a tower just south of Lucky Landing has turned into a wooden shack.
  • The stuff inside a shack south-west of Pleasant Park has gone upside down.
  • August 2nd: A telescope has appeared on top of the northern warehouse at Dusty Depot and it is facing towards the Frozen Meteor.
  • August 4th: A small laboratory and chalkboard has been added inside the grey warehouse of Dusty Depot.
  • A rift beacon is being built in Neo Tilted, and is facing towards Loot Lake.
  • August 5th: The rift beacon at Neo Tilted has been completed and is turned on. It seems to be gathering energy from Loot Lake.
  • The rift beacon at Neo Tilted has opened a small rift in the sky above the POI.
  • August 6th: The rift beacon has created a large bubble around Neo Tilted, turning it into a new POI called Tilted Town. Building and destroying objects is not allowed in Tilted Town.
    • The slipstream around the area has been removed, leaving the one around Mega Mall the only one left.
  • The Block has been changed into a futuristic town surrounded by a giant dome and desert.
  • The exterior of the grey warehouse at Dusty Depot, as well as the interior has been updated.
  • August 8th: Another satellite was added on the Dusty Depot grey warehouse, and the inside has been updated with a second floor and more computers.
  • August 11th: A rift beacon is being constructed at Mega Mall.
  • August 12th: The rift beacon at Mega Mall has been activated, and a small rift has been opened in the sky above the POI.

Map v10.10 (August 14th)[]

  • The rift beacon at Mega Mall has created a large bubble around the POI, turning it into pre-Season 7 Retail Row that is now infested by CUBE monsters from Fortnitemares.
  • The Block has been changed into a farm next to a government mineshaft area.
  • A wrecked building with floating chests in it has appeared inside Loot Lake. The interior looks like one of the government labs from Season 8.
  • The grey warehouse of Dusty Depot has been updated again, and more work has been done inside. A few monitors with Visitor symbols have also been added.
  • Two memorial stones for the CUBE have appeared on the map. One is on the desert mountain where it was formed, and the other is at Loot Lake.
  • A trophy has appeared at Lucky Landing that has the name of Bugha, the Solo World Cup Winner on it.
  • A trophy has appeared at Happy Hamlet that has the name of the World Cup Duos winners on it.
  • Even more grass has grown in the desert, and the area south of Paradise Palms is now a darker colour.
  • August 15th: A rift beacon is being constructed at the Stadium.
  • Even more snow, especially around Happy Hamlet, begins to melt.
  • August 19th: The rift beacon at the Stadium has been activated and has created a small rift above the POI.
  • August 20th: The rift beacon at the Stadium has exploded, causing the rift above it to disappear and destroying the POI. A small Crater with some remains of the Stadium has been left behind.
  • Grass continues to grow in the desert biome and the process begins to accelerate.
  • The Block has been changed into a giant metal factory related building surrounded by lava.
  • August 22nd: A rift beacon is being constructed in the desert, southwest of Paradise Palms.
  • August 26th: The rift beacon in the desert has been activated and has opened a small rift above it.

Map v10.20 (August 27th)[]

  • The rift beacon in the desert has created a massive bubble which surrounds a large portion of the desert. A new Pandora POI was added and replaced the Pueblo and Trucker's Oasis.
  • The Block has been changed into a giant clockwork castle area with many machines and blimps.
  • The grey warehouse of Dusty Depot has been updated yet again. Pieces from the B.R.U.T.E mech as well as some other things can be found inside.
  • A dance floor and disco lights were added into the westmostern hangar of Frosty Flights.
  • The surface and inside of the Frozen Meteor has started to gain small cracks.
  • The shack that was destroyed by the CUBE near Fatal Fields now has a roof installed and more work has been done on the exterior.
  • The house west of Fatal Fields now has Carbide and Omega posters.
  • A statue was added to Haunted Hills.
  • Even more snow, especially among the edge of the biome, continues to melt.
  • Grass continues to grow in the desert.
  • Ladders to the top of hills have been added in Tilted Town.
  • August 29th: A rift beacon is being constructed at Fatal Fields.
  • September 2nd: The rift beacon at Fatal Fields has been activated and has opened a small rift above the POI.
  • September 3rd: The Floating Island from Season 6 has reappeared just northwest of Fatal Fields. Additionally, the Motel, noms sign and Durrr Burger head near Pleasant Park have appeared on the island.
  • The grey warehouse of Dusty Depot has been slightly updated again, the B.R.U.T.E pieces has been disassembled and some trucks appeared outside it.
  • The Block has been changed into a tropical hotel.
  • Red balloons have appeared across the map near sewers. When popped, a creepy laugh can be heard from the sewer.
  • September 5th: Under construction rift beacons have appeared at Paradise Palms and the frozen Greasy Grove.
  • The Floating Island has moved to above the Outskirts POI.
  • September 6th: The Floating Island has moved to just northwest of Happy Hamlet.
  • A tile near a sewer at Pleasant Park has moved, and seems to be opening.
  • September 7th: The Floating Island has moved south of Frosty Flights.
  • September 9th: The rift beacons at Paradise Palms and the frozen Greasy Grove have been activated, and small rifts have opened above the two POIs.
  • The Floating Island has moved right above Frosty Flights.
  • September 10th: The Floating Island has moved northeast of Frosty Flights and southwest of the frozen lake.

Map v10.30 (September 11th)[]

Map v10.31 (September 18th)[]

Map v10.40 (September 25th)[]

Athena Island at the end of Season X


After the black hole caused by the malfunctioning Zero Point, there was only a live video of it. Every so often it would display a series of numbers which corresponds to a word stated by the Visitor, which also creates another piece of dialogue. 11 146 15 62 "I was not alone." 87 14 106 2 150 "Others were outside the loop." 69 146 15 36 "This was not calculated." 2 176 8 160 65 "The moment is now inevitable". Before entering Chapter 2 Season 1 officially, dialogue is shown, stating "...[[redirecting, receiving... Surprising is the sheer volume of Matter resolved around the Bridge. Extensive Charting and Analysis are required. Our best [redacted: D4] Team has been scrambled and inserted. We expect resistance. And similar embedded Agents. We've been as quiet as possible. But the gaze of others may now be turned toward Zero. A whole new world awaits."

Chapter 2[]

Chapter 2 Season 1[]

Season 11 Map

Map v11.0 (October 15th)[]

  • A entirely new map with all new terrain and locations has been added, replacing the old one.
  • New POIs: Craggy Cliffs, Steamy Stacks, Sweaty Sands, Frenzy Farm, Dirty Docks, Holly Hedges, Weeping Woods, Lazy Lake, Slurpy Swamp and Misty Meadows.
  • Pleasant Park, Salty Springs and Retail Row were added back to the new map, but are found at different locations.
  • Risky Reels has returned, and is located west of Frenzy Farm.
  • The middle island (Eye Land (POI)) was put in at the center of the map.
  • Multiple new unnamed POIs, or Landmarks, have also appeared across the map, such as a island called Camp Cod and a lighthouse.
  • A bunker is hidden beneath a building on an island north of Pleasant Park and Craggy Cliffs. Telescopes have also been placed in bushes around the island, looking out to different landmarks. Interestingly, the name for the landmark is ?.
  • A second bunker can be found southeast of Retail Row at H6, hidden between two trees, and under a large bush. The name for the landmark is ??.
  • A third bunker can be found at B6, underwater. The name for the landmark is ???.
  • A large metal door can be found south of Retail Row, at a landmark called **REDACTED**. It's purpose is unknown.
  • Multiple items from the old map have appeared in houses on the southeastern island, Camp Cod.
  • The car and truck mech can be found on the map, sunken in the ocean northeast of Dirty Docks. It has both of its arms attached again, and is holding the pole slightly out of the water.
  • A hay man can be found southwest of Frenzy Farm waving, possibly referencing the stone man and stone family.
  • A large iron man made of pipes can be found at F8, sitting on a moutain.
  • An Uncle Pete's Pizza Pit truck can be found southeast of Salty Springs, and a Durrr Burger truck can be found north of Pleasant Park.
  • Inside of Weeping Woods, a Durrr Burger head and Tomato head can also be found next to each other, covered in moss. The name for the landmark is Greasy Graves.
  • A plane crash landmark can be found on one of the islands on the northwest of the map called Crash Site, referencing the TV show Lost.
  • A building can be found southwest of Sweaty Sands, at the Fancy View. Inside is a red car, referencing Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
  • A rock can be found at A5, referencing the rock Ariel poses on in The Little Mermaid.
  • October 27th: A building west of Lazy Lake has set up ghost decorations in a room, hinting the Halloween patch.

Map v11.1 (October 29th)[]

  • Eye Land has been replaced with a Corrupted Area, called Isle Of The Storm. Cube Monsters roam around the isle.
  • Multiple POIs have set up Halloween decorations.
  • The Hey Boo! Halloween store from Retail Row during Season 6 has returned.
  • Multiple pieces of furniture around the map have become haunted and now float in the air. Upon being destroyed, ghostly images of certain skins would appear quickly vanishing.
  • Gargoyles have been set around the map, sometimes having glowing eyes.
  • Soccer Zombies of the Dead Ball Set occasionally appear from random objects on the map and attack players.
  • The entry sign at Sweaty Sands is now complete.
  • Monitor screens at the Crash Site landmark begin to flicker every so often.
  • November 5th: All Halloween decorations and floating furniture have been removed.
  • The Isle Of The Storm has slowly started to uncorrupt.

Map v11.1.1 (November 13th)[]

  • Eye Land (POI) was added back to the map, replacing Isle Of The Storm again.
  • The movie screen at Risky Reels now displays a screen with a llama and colors on it. It is exactly the same as the one on TVs in Season 3.
  • November 15th: An imperial ship can be seen in the sky. It is approaching the island.

Map v11.2 (November 19th)[]

  • The Hey Boo! Halloween store has become vacant once again.
  • A part of the Retail Row parking lot has been fenced off. A small cabin similar to the one during Christmas 2017 was added, possibly hinting a Christmas tree being added.
  • Reindeer decorations have been placed inside containers at Dirty Docks.

Map v11.2.1 (December 4th)[]

  • Many trucks have appeared by Risky Reels. Some are carrying cranes and excavators. Cars have also appeared, blocking off the location
  • Many signs have appeared around the map, indicating the area in that direction.
  • A pile of wood has appeared next to the fenced off parking lot in Retail Row.
  • December 6th: Most of the trucks have fully entered Risky Reels and have begun moving and carrying cars and vans from the parking spots.
  • During the day, a live test was at Risky Reels. Four invincible skins would stand and randomly emote. During the match, a voice test of four voices saying "Testing 1-2-3" would play across the map.
  • December 7th: The Risky Reels movie screen has begun showing video about a Star Wars live event on December 14th.
    • This event will take place 2PM ET, and is revealed to be footage never seen before about Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.
  • Posters have appeared around the map, having the same information as the Risky Reels movie screen of Star Wars.
  • December 8th: Risky Reels has somehow turned back to it's Chapter 1 original look.
  • Risky Reels eventually returned to it's Chapter 2 Season 1 look, and more changes have been made. The cars have been fully removed, a truck has begun carrying the haystacks and chairs that were originally in the area, and the truck holding the crane has been set behind the movie screen. Other trucks, containers, and hideouts were moved to the sides. Two circles of cones have been placed around the area, an excavator in one of the circles, possibly suggesting something will be dug up there.

Map v11.3 (December 12th)[]

  • The southeast portion of the map has been covered in snow. This includes areas such as Retail Row, Lazy Lake and Misty Meadows.
  • Risky Reels has a timer for the Star Wars event via hologram. Most of the area has been heavily changed or removed.
  • A dance cabin has appeared southwest of Misty Meadows. It is called Apres Ski.
  • Some waterfalls have been frozen over.
  • Snow has also appeared on the mountain where FN Radio (POI) is, east of Craggy Cliffs.
  • Logjam Woodworks (POI) has been renamed to The Workshop. It now has lots of Christmas decor. Inside, there are gingerbread men working at the station, and presents have replaced the logs on the conveyor belt. However, a strange bear doll toy seems to be thrown away behind the stacks of pallets nearby.
    • Near The Workshop, a truck full of presents have crashed over, sending objects from the truck down a hill, including a large number of other strange bear and doll toys.
  • Bushes now have lights on them.
  • A building reminiscent of the ones seen in the snow biome on the Chapter 1 Map has appeared near Eye Land (POI). The landmark is called Crackshot's Cabin.
  • West of Lazy Lake, a gingerbread igloo has appeared with a gingerbread man on the top.
  • The blue warehouse in Dirty Docks has been transformed into an ice factory.
  • A truck carrying multiple chairs has began to exit Dirty Docks.
  • Huts with telescopes have appeared around the map.
  • At Retail Row, the Hey Boo! store has been converted into a Christmas store, and the Christmas tree has been completed.
  • Multiple trees have begun to grow in the fenced off area at Retail Row.
  • A giant igloo inn known as "Shiver Inn" has appeared southeast of Lazy Lake.
  • Some areas of the map have set up Christmas decor.
  • The red car at the house at the Fancy View has crashed through the wall of the garage, and has fallen down the cliff, once again referencing Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
  • December 14th: Risky Reels has been fully finished. All the pads in front of the timer have been fully built, and lights have been placed around the timer.
  • The Risky Reels timer reached zero, although it was being delayed by 10 minutes. The Millennium Falcon from Star Wars appeared, flying around the map, shortly after Star Destroyers appeared in the sky attacking the Falcon with multiple TIE Fighters. The Millennium Falcon destroyed the fighters, the remains dropped onto the map. After landing at Risky Reels, Geoff Keighley (playing as a holographic man with a helmet), Ben Swhartz (playing as a First Order Stormtrooper) and J.J. Abrams (playing as himself, then changes to Ramirez and the two characters that the other hosts used and changes back to himself) appeared, giving players a quiz and a vote, as well as showing an exclusive clip of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (premeires in theathers on December 20, 2019), the hosts ran to the Millennium Falcon and it flew away, leaving a chest containing Lightsabers (based on the players' choice). Emperor Palpatine warned everyone about his revenge on the Rebellion.
  • Five TIE Fighter Crash Sites have become named landmarks across the map. First Order Stormtroopers have appeared from the crash sites, and shoot any players around the area. The locations are...
  • December 15th: Risky Reels was returned to it's original Chapter 2 Season 1 look.
  • All posters about the Star Wars event have been taken down.

Map v11.3.1 (December 18th)[]

  • Christmas trees have been placed at multiple POI's around the map. Multiple presents surround the trees.
  • A group of hedges have grown southeast of Pleasant Park into the shape of a angry face called Grumpy Greens.
  • December 23rd: The trucks driving to POI's around the map have made it to their destinations, setting up trees in all the named locations.
  • December 24th: More of the map has been covered in snow.
  • December 25th: All of the map has been fully covered in snow.
  • A gigantic frozen chair has appeared north of Pleasant Park, most likely referencing the wooden chair at the POI Outskirts from Chapter 1. It is an explorable landmark called Ice Throne.
  • Multiple cars have hastily driven in front of the eastern house of Salty Springs. Multiple Sneaky Snowmen have broken into and invaded the house.
  • An ice type building has appeared north of The Orchard.
  • A second ice igloo has appeared north of Weeping Woods and east of Holly Hedges.
  • All of the gingerbread men and presents in The Workshop have interestingly vanished.
  • All of the bear and doll toys have gathered around the crashed truck near The Workshop.
  • Three gingerbread have appeared at the Fancy View, in the house with the crashed red car down the hill. They stand where the people stood that watched the red car fall in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
  • The Pipeman now has candy cane glasses on it's head.
  • December 26th: The island occasionally has blizzards.
  • December 31st: A disco ball would appear every hour in the sky, and slowly lower with a countdown from 10. Fireworks would shoot in the sky while every player would dance for a limited time. The disco ball would eventually blow up, letting a firework into the sky that appeared to blow into an image of a llama and the number 2020.
  • January 1st: The 2020 New Year's Event stopped shortly after the New Year began.

Map v11.3.1 Content Update (January 7th)[]

Map v11.4 (January 15th)[]

  • Shiver Inn (POI) was removed. 2 chests can be found at its former location.
  • An inflatable Fishstick head has appeared in the passenger seat of the Cap'N Carp Delivery Truck.
  • A new house is being constructed on an island near Misty Meadows.
  • The humanoid teddies have disappeared, as has the crashed truck.
  • The Christmas Shop in Retail Row has closed down. All of the structures and items in the fenced off area nearby have been removed.
  • The chair truck from Dirty Docks has made its way up the road. The Ice Factory has also been reverted.
  • January 30th: A red house nearby Sweaty Sands has had all of its furniture removed from the inside of the house. Some walls and floors have been broken down.

Map v11.5 (February 5th)[]

  • A mysterious screen has appeared on the Spawn Island. Currently the screen is displaying a glitched visual.
  • February 16th: A shrine has appeared in Hydro 16 (POI) and it features candles, a golden toilet, a gnome and a plinth.
  • A couch, a teddy bear, a tv, and a toilet have turned to gold in the main building at Eye Land. Interestingly, files featuring the E.G.O. symbol has appeared on the golden toilet.
  • February 17th: A desk chair, a filing cabinet, and a printer have turned gold in another room in the main building at Eye Land.
  • February 18th: A globe and a second couch have turned to gold in the main building at Eye Land.
  • February 19th: A third couch and a picture frame on the wall above it have turned to gold in the main building at Eye Land.

Chapter 2 Season 2[]

Apollo Terrain Minimap

Map v12.0 (February 20th)[]

  • More port-a-potties and dumpsters have appeared around the map, some have become secret passages where a player jumps in it and it takes them through a long tube to different places around the area.
  • Two secret bases have been built under Spawn Island. One belongs to Ghost and the other belongs to Shadow.
  • Retail Row's holiday shop has been converted into two separate ones, one called Ghost Flowers and one called Shadow Lamps. Both teams have telescopes set up to spy each other's shops.
  • The chair truck from Dirty Docks has moved next to the gas station east of Frenzy Farm.
  • A delivery depot has appeared outside REDACTED, called Box Factory.
  • All E.G.O. Outposts have disappeared.
  • Multiple cars have crashed outside Sweaty Sands, presumably as a result of a police chase.
  • A truck from Logjam has passed by the trucks at Stumpy Ridge (POI).
  • A Ghost base has been set up near Stumpy Ridge, called the Ghost House.
  • The golden toilet from the original cabin on Eye Land has been placed in a secret room in Hydro 16.
  • Posters reading "Shadow wants you" and "Join Ghost" have appeared across the map.
  • A truck has crashed near the swamp. It appears to have carried boxes from Ship It!. A police car has also appeared, seeming to have blocked off the crash with traffic cones.
  • Mailboxes have appeared across the map, as well as boxes from Ship It!.

Map v12.1 (March 3rd)[]

  • The red car that has fallen down the mansion cliff at the Fancy View during Chapter 2 Season 1 has now been lifted up by a crane held up on the edge by multiple pallets.
  • Multiple desks and tvs have been placed around the Ghost House, most likely to train new Ghost recruits.
  • Ghost files have appeared near Pizza Pete's Food Truck as well as on one of the bleachers at the Mowdown.
  • A large skull shape has been created onto the side cliff of The Grotto. Multiple Shadow logos have appeared inside and the Henchmen have become Shadow Henchmen.
  • A telescope as well as a suitcase holding plans with the Shadow logo have appeared on a building rooftop in Weeping Woods. The telescope points towards the Ghost House.
  • All "Join Ghost" posters around the map now show an image of Midas in his ghost style in front of the Ghost logo.
  • A helipad has been built at the Weather Station and near FN Radio.
  • Land has been cleared up near Shadow Safe Houses Beta, Delta, and Echo, most likely preparing to build helipads.
  • Midas' golden chair from The Agency has been seemingly taken, and has appeared west across the water on a boat. Nearby the boat, a truck has appeared in between two bushes with Meowscles' rope.
  • The chair truck has moved much farther south, and has begun to turn left near Lazy Lake towards Retail Row.
  • The truck from Logjam Woodworks has gone far east, and has driven up to Misty Meadows.
  • The Pipeman has turned its head to the right.
  • Coral have begun to grow in the vents at The Shark.

Map v12.2 (March 17th)[]

  • The Rig has been heavily damaged and taken over by Shadow. Boats from nearby have gotten closer to support the remaining structure.
  • Helicopters known as Choppas have appeared around the map at locations with helipads and at cleared up land from Shadow Safe Houses.
  • The Pleasant Park soccer field has opened a secret exit for a Choppa from Shadow Safe House - Alpha.
  • The truck holding Midas' golden chair and Meowscles' rope has moved from The Agency and has driven into Salty Springs, leaving only the boat between the bushes. It has a cover over the objects in the back.
  • The crane attempting to lift the red car at the Fancy View has fallen over, leaving only a few remaining pallets on the hill.
  • The chair truck from Dirty Docks has driven through Retail Row and has appeared at the pathway that splits to **REDACTED** or towards the Box Factory.
  • The pallet truck from Logjam Woodworks has driven through Misty Meadows and has appeared headed towards the Yellow Steel Bridge.
  • The unfinished building at Frenzy Farm has finished construction.
  • The Pipeman has began walking up the mountain past a cabin while holding a large part of a tree as a hiking stick.
  • The Crash Site has been grown over by the plants. Coral have also began to appear around the island. Interestingly, some of the parts of the plane have been stripped off and taken away, most likely to Shadow Safe House - Alpha where similar parts of the plane are.

Map v12.3 (March 31st)[]

  • Multiple objects, appearing to be some sort of hatches, have appeared all around The Agency in the water.
    • The meeting room in The Agency now has a standard chair where Midas' golden chair would have been in the meeting room.
  • The truck with Midas' golden chair and Meowscles' rope has parked at the blue house in Salty Springs. The objects have now been placed inside the building along with Ghost files appearing inside the building. The "Join Ghost" poster that originally was on the blue building was taken down and placed with the trash, suggesting whoever owns the house isn't a fan of Ghost.
  • The secret underground area in the cabin northwest of Weeping Woods now has a dance floor, a large amounts of balloons and honey, and a map showing 5 X's around the island. Outside the cabin, gnomes have appeared outside with Propane Tanks and other materials, most likely to break out the trapped gnome.
  • A truck has appeared at the Fancy View, now holding a much larger crane that has lifted the smaller crane and the red car from down the hill.
  • The Pipeman has continued hiking west. It seems to be heading towards Plumberton, where a large group of steel pipes are.
  • Five campsites have appeared around the map, all featuring featuring a bean bag and stuffed caterpillar with faces drawn on them, and a backpack.
  • The Risky Reels screen temporarily turned on, showing a similar llama screen like the one in Chapter 2 Season 1. It is most likely a test for an upcoming event.
  • April 3rd: The Yacht has been revamped into a location for Deadpool. The Meowscles boss has been replaced with a boss of Deadpool.
  • Nine unbreakable stones have appeared around the map at high places.
  • New Ghost files have appeared, two new ones in the Ghost House, and one in a house around the mountains southwest of the Gorgeous Gorge.
  • TVs at The Rig and The Shark turned brighter, showing images of the Vault.
  • April 10th: The Risky Reels screen began to show a video hourly of an episode of Punk'd, a show now run by Quibi.
  • April 12th: The Risky Reels screen stopped playing.
  • April 14th: The Risky Reels screen has begun showing a video hourly of an episode of another show run by Quibi, The Sauce.

Map v12.4 (April 15th)[]

  • The Shark has changed into a large prison controlled by Ghost.
    • A building has been built on an island north of The Shark, featuring a solitary cell.
  • The gnomes have attacked and taken over the cabin northwest of Weeping Woods. However one gnome was taken down, the other gnomes have freed the trapped gnome, placing all but one bear in the cell.
  • The pallet truck from Logjam Woodworks and the chair truck from Dirty Docks crashed into each other east of the Yellow Steel Bridge. Most of the chairs and pallets have fallen down the cliff.
  • The hatches around The Agency have begun to glow purple.
  • The Pipeman is now holding a golden wrench.
    • A golden wrench has appeared in front of a pipe structure in Shanty Town.
  • Four large, pink bears have appeared at Risky Reels, seemingly for a cookout and to watch the episode of The Sauce.
  • A building at Lazy Lake has turned into a near perfect copy of the No Sweat Insurance Building from Season 9.
  • No Sweat Insurance signs have been planted all around the map.
  • Deadpool pants have been set up as flags around the map.
  • The Venturion suit hung up at The Rig has been replaced with a suit similar to what Tempest wears.
  • A black car and a briefcase has appeared behind Pizza Pete's Food Truck .
  • April 17th: Multiple posters have been hung around the map, relating to music, a planet, and Sweaty Sands.
  • April 18th: A glowing purple star can be seen in the sky east of the island.
  • April 19th: Boats, cranes, and other objects have appeared on islands north of Sweaty Sands. They appear to be setting stages.

Map v12.4.1 (April 21st)[]

  • The stage north of Sweaty Sands has continued construction.
    • Multiple inflated astro heads have appeared around land nearby the stage.
  • The astronomical posters hung around the map have been updated, showing the time and dates of the Astronomical event.
  • Mailboxes around the map have been vanishing, appearing in a house at Homely Hills.
  • April 23rd: The stage north of Sweaty Sands has finished construction, now featuring a ring of some sort and a beacon with a timer.
  • The timer had reached 0 and the Astronomical Event occurred, causing the large star to drop from the sky, revealing to be a very large Astroworld. A large Travis Scott appeared, singing while changing the map, allowing players to bounce, speed up, slow down, glow in the dark, swim underwater, and fly in the sky shortly before the AstroWorld blew up, transporting players back over Sweaty Sands through a Butterfly Rift, most likely a reference to The Butterfly Event. However, the timer had reset.
  • April 24th: The timer at the Sweaty Sands stage stopped and once again started the Astronomical Event.
  • April 25th: The Astronomical Event occurred three more times, allowing all regions to view the event.

Map v12.5 (April 29th)[]

  • Risky Reels changed back into a Named Location.
  • The stage north of Sweaty Sands was taken down along with all the other props for Travis Scott’s Astronomical. Astroworld is no longer visible in the sky anymore.
  • Two large groups of gnomes and bears have appeared northeast of Weeping Woods, ready for a large battle.
  • The Pipeman sat down by the southern coast, looking to the ocean.
  • The truck crash east of the Yellow Steel Bridge has been closed off by police cars and traffic cones. Two trucks have appeared by the site to collect the pallets and chairs.
    • The hut down the hill of the crash started reconstruction.
  • The New No Sweat Insurance Building has been given more furniture and other office materials.
  • Midas' golden chair in the blue house in Salty Springs has crashed through second floor onto the first floor with the desk.

Map v12.6 (May 20th)[]

  • The hut near the Yellow Steel Bridge has continued construction, including more walls and a staircase. Leftover pallets and chairs have been cleaned up and placed in trucks.
  • The bears and gnomes in Weeping Woods have stopped fighting and have started writing a list of notes.
  • Clouds have started to appear around The Agency.
  • Multiple large mushrooms different to regular mushrooms have appeared around Weeping Woods.
  • May 23rd: Bubbles are forming from the hatches around The Agency.

Map v12.6.1 (May 26th)[]

  • June 13th: An orange beacon featuring a countdown for the Device event has appeared above The Agency.
  • June 14th: The hatches around The Agency have opened, letting out bubbles into the water.
  • June 15th: The timer above The Agency reached zero. Five rods lifted out of the hatches and the Doomsday Device broke through The Agency, causing the storm to become part water and The Agency to be nearly entirely destroyed. Shortly afterwards, the destroyed Agency was taken over by SHADOW.

Chapter 2 Season 3[]


Map v13.0 (June 17th)[]

Map v13.2 (June 30th)[]

  • A small group of islands have appeared near the northwest edge of the map. A group of coral buddies have appeared and have started to create a small civilization on the island.
  • The bear and gnome raft south of Salty Springs suddenly vanished.
  • A crane has appeared near the Yellow Steel Bridge and has lifted one of the crashed trucks.
    • The construction below the truck crash has continued progress and has increased width. More of the pallets and chairs from the crash are being driven down to the site.
  • Multiple posters have been set up in Lazy Lake featuring unique vehicles.
  • Some helipad areas as well as the Choppas in the areas have been taken down around the island.
  • July 1st: The water level decreased, clearing water from areas such as Salty Springs, Steamy Stacks, most of Frenzy Farm, and parts of multiple landmarks. Some locations have also been slightly relocated and some small locations have vanished.
  • The gas tanks in the Catty Corner gas station have changed to a different type of gas tank.
  • A dance pad was set up in the filming area at Sweaty Sands.
  • July 11th: The water level decreased further, clearing water from areas such as Risky Reels, as well as other landmarks, and has also caused random areas to move or vanish.
  • July 18th: The water level decreased further, clearing water from areas such as Pleasant Park, Weeping Woods, and Craggy Cliffs, as well as other landmarks, and has also caused random areas and landmarks to move or vanish.
  • July 20th: A group of Coral Buddy have arrived on the civilization island on the north west of the island with a pirate ship holding a little shark on the side of their boat.

Map v13.3 (July 21st)[]

  • Most of the stationary vehicles all around the map have suddenly vanished.
  • Multiple gas stations have been upgraded around the map.
  • A spaceship has crashed in the water nearby Craggy Cliffs.
  • A hatch on the wall of The Authority has opened up due to the water being lowered enough.
  • The construction near the Yellow Steel Bridge has continued progress and some chairs have been set up inside.
  • The Coral Buddies on the civilization island have moved from the wood age to the stone age.
    • The coral have begun to build more structures across the northwestern part of the island.
  • July 24th: The water level decreased further, clearing more water from areas such as the rest of Weeping Woods and Craggy Cliffs, returning the POIs to named locations.
  • A gas station has appeared south of Weeping Woods, next to the Purple Steel Bridge.
  • July 27th: The water level decreased even more, clearing much more water from many areas. Slurpy Swamp and Dirty Docks have become named locations again.
  • July 30th: The water level decreased further, nearing its normal level. More of Slurpy Swamp has been cleared and Sweaty Sands has returned to normal.
  • The construction at Sweaty Sands has been completed into a gas station.
  • A fishing raft has appeared in the water west of Steamy Stacks called Flopper Farm.
  • August 1st: The water level decreased to its normal level, revealing the last parts of map.
  • The very large whirlpool has created a sinkhole, revealing a lost underwater city called Coral Castle.

Map v13.4 (August 5th)[]

  • Multiple Cars have appeared around the map that can be driven.
  • The Coral Buddies have begun to move up another age in their civilization, featuring a built rocket ship and a nuclear chemical from a crashed pirate ship.
  • A small secret hideout has appeared under a building in Steamy Stacks, holding a unique object inside.
  • The space craft from the northeast of Craggy Cliffs has reappeared on the southwest part of the island, east of Rickety Rig, now open.
  • The construction near the Yellow Steel Bridge has continued progression.
  • August 22nd: A Rift appeared in the sky above Catty Corner.
  • August 24th: Thor's Hammer has appeared south of Salty Springs, making a crater.

Chapter 2 Season 4[]


Map v14.0 (August 27th)[]

  • The floating Spawn Island has been taken down and replaced with a flying Marvel helicarrier.
  • Pleasant Park has been turned into Doom's Domain, a POI with a new mansion called Doom House and the reopened safe house under the soccer field featuring a new Vault of Doom. The location is guarded by Doom Henchmen and the boss, Doctor Doom.
  • Steamy Stacks, Craggy Cliffs, Dirty Docks, Weeping Woods and Slurpy Swamp are completely reverted back to normal. All artifacts that were destroyed or misplaced have been reset to their original spots.
  • A large Sentinel Graveyard has appeared on the hilltop area west of Lazy Lake. From the graveyard, the house in the area has been destroyed from a fallen Sentinel.
  • The wall around The Authority has collapsed, and the remains of the inside of the building are being packed up.
  • The Yacht has been removed from the island.
  • A large amount of The Fortilla has been lost in the water.
  • The rest of the Rickety Rig has been lost to the water.
  • Catty Corner has removed its Henchmen and most of its vault loot.
  • The large Rift in the sky has vanished, and a new tear has appeared.
  • A farm has been built east of The Authority, inhabited by Tony Stark.
  • Multiple Stark devices have appeared around the northeast of the map, in the shape of the circle.
  • A house at Retail Row has been reconstructed into a law office building for Jennifer Walters.
  • Multiple vases have appeared in some houses around the map.
  • The flower and lamp shop in Retail Row has begun to pack up the equipment in the back rooms.
  • The construction below the Yellow Steel Bridge has continued, including more fencing and more positioned chairs.
  • Hayman and Pipeman have appeared near Fort Crumpet greeting each other with a high five.
  • A formation of rocks were placed on the top of a mountain south of Misty Meadows.
  • The Coral Buddies' home has been destroyed by their nuke and now it is inhabited by a few cyborg Corals.
  • The Ghost House has had many of its belongings ready to be packed up.
  • The Flopper Farm has been taken down.
  • A Sapling Groot has appeared in the center of Holly Hedges in between a group of potted plants.
  • Three Wolverine slash marks appeared in Weeping Woods.
  • Multiple Quinjets fly to different locations around the map, creating multiple Quinjet Patrol Sites, featuring Stark Robots.
  • Motorboat Mayhem has been removed from the map.
  • August 29th: A new piece of land has suddenly appeared onto the island, north of Homely Hills, holding a Trask Transport Truck. A few Rifts appeared around the landmark.
  • Stark's Rift Beacons around the map have been activated.
  • August 31st: Another piece of land has suddenly appeared on the island, east of Holly Hedges, south of Timber Tent, and southwest of the Flopper Pond. It is an Ant Manor for an ant called Anton. There is an underground hole in the land with eggs in them. Rifts have also appeared around the landmark.
  • Stark's Rift Beacons have begun to go into the next phase, creating beacons that are all going towards one place in the sky.
  • September 1st: Another piece of land has appeared, west of Misty Meadows and north of Apres Ski. It features a very large panther statue called Panther Prowl. Some Rifts have appeared around the landmark.
  • The Stark Rift Beacons has gone into the next phase, the beacons becoming more active.
  • The tear in the sky has begun to glow brighter.
  • September 3rd: Stark's Rift Beacons have gone into another stage, the beacons now forming a very large circle around the area. A green zone has begun to form around the area.
  • September 6th: Another piece of land has appeared on a mountain, south of Retail Row and east of Catty Corner. It is The Collection of many different objects. Rifts have appeared around the area.
  • Stark's Rift Beacons have begun to fully line up into the circle around the northeast area.

Map v14.1 (September 10th)[]

Map v14.2 (September 23rd)[]

  • A large shopping area has begun construction besides a gas station west of Holly Hedges.
  • The construction below the Yellow Steel Bridge has finished with parts of the lower walls.
  • The Trask Transport Truck doors has been broken open.
  • Weeping Woods has become inhabited by a boss, Wolverine.
  • The Henchmen have moved to the hotel in Lazy Lake.
  • Super Slurp Juice posters around the map have been sprayed over.
  • A cyborg gnome has appeared in the basement of the Ghost House, with multiple Super Slurp Barrels, Super Slurp Juice posters and images, three mini robots, and a map with five points pinned.
  • A group of gnomes have appeared behind Lockie's Lighthouse and in Retail Row.
  • Multiple groups of gnomes have appeared around the map, in locations with armed Super Slurp Barrels.
  • September 26th: Many birthday decorations have appeared across the map.
  • A battle bus has appeared in the hangar of Stark Industries.
  • September 27th: The house on the Fancy View has been named as the Boost Pad, now featuring Rocket League posters, cars, and a Rocket League trophy.
  • The battle bus in the Stark Industries hangar has been upgraded with Stark tech. More Battle Buses have appeared near the hangar for upgrading.
  • October 3rd: All of the birthday decorations have been taken down.
  • October 10th: The Battle Bus has now been upgraded to the Stark Industries Battle Bus.

Map v14.3 (October 13th)[]

  • Galactus has gone through the tear in the sky and has gotten closer to the island.
  • The shopping area southwest of Holly Hedges has continued construction. It is going to be a Hey Boo Megastore.
  • The names of the items on the floor are now written in Burbank.
  • Some Halloween decorations have begun to be set up around the island, at Sweaty Sands, Holly Hedges, Retail Row, and Salty Springs.
  • The construction below the Yellow Steel Bridge has completed the floors.
  • Midas' golden chair has been placed back into The Authority.
  • The Henchmen from Lazy Lake have moved to the Hydro 16 dam.
  • The mini robot army of the cyborg gnome have appeared in multiple locations spraying images of the cyborg gnome.
  • The Boost Pad has taken down all of its Rocket League items and has become a regular building again.
  • October 18th: A large tennis ball was added to the Ant Manor.

Map v14.4 (October 21st)[]

  • The Authority has been slightly destroyed, and turned into The Ruins. Changes consist of Midas returning with a Mythic Drum Gun. Ghostly Ghost Henchmen holding Pumpkin Launchers also patrol the location. Midas' chair can be found at the top of The Ruins, floating and surrounded by candles.
  • Holly Hedges, Sweaty Sands, Salty Springs, Doom's Domain, Lazy Lake and Retail Row all received Halloween decorations.
  • A dark fog occasionally covers the island.
  • Pristine Point has turned into a tourist attraction once again.
  • The Battle Bus has been decorated for Halloween.
  • The Hey Boo Megastore near Holly Hedges has been fully completed with Halloween decorations.
  • The Henchmen from Hydro 16 have moved to Sweaty Sands with pumpkin heads.
  • Several small haunted huts have appeared, called Yaga's Yurt, Crone's Cabin, Crackling Coven, Hag's Hollow, Cursed Cottage, and Raven's Roost.
  • The missing building in Camp Cod has reappeared. A new building has appeared holding a covered van, which is most likely the Ecto-1 from the film Ghostbusters.
  • The cyborg gnome has appeared at Slurpy Swamp in an attempt to mix a substance into the SLURP vat.
  • Reboot Vans have been disabled.

Map v14.5 (November 3rd)[]

Map v14.6 (November 18th)[]

  • The Henchmen from Craggy Cliffs have been moved near Brutus' Basin.
  • The single story Gas Station at Sweaty Sands has been restored to its former glory.
  • November 21st: A timer has appeared above the Spawn Island.
  • November 22nd: Galactus' helmet has slightly risen into view in the distance.
  • November 23rd: More of Galactus' helmet has become visible in the distance.
  • November 24th: Galactus' helmet is more visible in the distance.
  • November 25th: Galactus' helmet is fully visible.
  • November 26th: Galactus' head is slightly visible
  • November 27th: Galactus' head is slighty visible.
  • November 28th: Galactus head is more visible
  • November 29th: Galactus head is more visible.
  • November 30th: Galactus' head is fully visible.
  • December 1st: The timer above the Helicarrier reached zero, Galactus emerges slowly from the water to the map and destroys the Helicarrier. Galactus absorbs The Zero Point from The Ruins and all players are teleported to The In-Between and we see a bunch of Battle Bus clones to fight Galactus' Gorgers. After all of that Galactus consumes all of the Battle Buses and he was infected with the Gamma Cells and was sent back to where he came from. We were cut to Agent John Jones office which was also seen in The Device and wakes up from some nightmare. Players screen were faded to black and the countdown for Chapter 2 Season 5 appeared.

Chapter 2 Season 5[]

15.00 Map

Map v15.00 (December 2nd)[]

Map v15.1 (December 15th)[]

Map v15.20 (January 13th)[]

Map v15.21 (January 20th)[]

Map v15.30 (February 2nd)[]

Map v15.40 (February 16th)[]

Map v15.50 (March 2nd)[]

  • The Zero Point is destabilizing more with large cracks and sending out Reality Waves to the Portals that are connected. It also messes with in-game audio.
  • March 5th: A Portal to Ant-Man's view has appeared at Gorgeous Gorge.

Chapter 2 Season 6[]

Map v16.00 (March 16th )[]

Fortnite C2 S6 MAP
  • The Colossal Crops has replaced Colossal Coliseum.
  • Nature has risen to Hunter's Haven and it has been replaced by Primal Pond.
  • The Butter Barn has been destroyed
  • Dusted Depot has been overgrown, and it's roof has been destroyed
  • Risky Reels has been reverted to it's Chapter 2 Season 1 state
  • Boney Burbs has replaced Salty Towers
  • The Spire has replaced the Zero Point.
  • A primal area, with a orange color scheme including autumnal foliage, has spread around the map.
  • the Guardians of the Woods, Lake, Mountains, Fields, Sea and Bay have been added
  • The Guardian Of The Sea has replaced the Hilltop House
  • The Minimap is now darker and more blue.