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New Bandages.png
Category Battle Royale Items
Introduced Patch 1.6
Last Adjustment Patch 11.00

Bandages are a Common Healing Item in Battle Royale. They are the lowest-tier Healing Item in the game, inferior to the Slurp Juice and Medkit, and heal the player for 15 health when consumed. However, they cannot be used to bring the player above 75 health, and healing to 100% requires other healing items.

Bandages drop in stacks of 5 with a maximum stack size of 15, and can be found in Floor Loot, Chests and Supply Llamas. They also drop from missed shots from the Bandage Bazooka.

Bandages are extremely common, but take up useful inventory space, so they are usually exchanged for one or several Medkits when possible.


New Bandages.png
Time to Use 3
Total Healing 15
Max. Stack 15
Heals 15 HP in 3 seconds. Cannot heal past 75% HP.


  • Bandage Pickup

  • Bandage Use


Chapter 1 & 2

Rarity Chest Floor Loot Supply Llamas


  • Bandages can be thrown by holding the ADS button and tapping the Use button like other healing items.
  • Use it before a campfire. The campfire will heal you to 100, while the bandage will heal you to 75.
  • They are similar to the Small Fry, as they heal up to 75 and both are Common. However, unlike the Small Fry, the Bandages heal only 15 health.


Chapter/Season Image
Chapter 2 New Bandages.png
Chapter 1 Consumable bandage.png


Patch Notes

Patch 13.0
  • Can now be thrown

Vault Log

Never got vaulted.


  • In Creative, when the max health for players is increased or decreased beyond 100 points the Bandages can heal up to 75% of the new max health size instead of only 75 points. For example, for 200 max health, players can get up to 150 health points from Bandages, or for 50 max health, players can only get up to 37 points (ignoring the decimals) from these.

Related Achievements

  • Hide the Pain (Season 1): Used a bandage to heal yourself while in the storm.