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Alter Ego Challenges are an exclusive Chapter 2 Season 1 set of challenges for Battle Pass holders. Once the Battle Pass has been purchased, the Alter Ego Challenges will be available to complete. The challenges can be completed any time until the Season ends. The rewards for the Alter Ego Challenges consists of multiple style options for all the Chapter 2 Season 1 Battle Pass outfits, and also a secret outfit, along with a secret back bling and secret harvesting tool.

Challenges & Rewards

Challenge Reward Stage 2 Challenge Stage 3 Challenge Stage 3 Reward
Stage 1: Reach Level 1 (1) TurkVsRiptide.png

Turk Vs Riptide Outfit

Stage 2: Complete 2 Missions (2) Stage 3: Catch a fish wearing the Turk outfit (1) RiptideIcon.png

Turk Vs Riptide (Riptide)

Stage 1: Reach Level 1 (1) JourneyVsHazard.png

Journey Vs Hazard Outfit

Stage 2: Complete 3 Missions (3) Stage 3: Summit the highest mountain wearing the Journey outfit (1) HazardIcon.png

Journey Vs Hazard (Hazard)

Stage 1: Reach Level 20 (20) RippleyVsSludge.png

Rippley Vs Sludge Outfit

Stage 2: Complete 4 Missions (4) Stage 3: Enter a Slurp vat while wearing a Rippley outfit (1) SludgeIcon.png

Rippley Vs Sludge (Sludge)

Stage 1: Reach Level 40 (40) RemedyVsToxin.png

Remedy Vs Toxin Outfit

Stage 2: Complete 5 Missions (5) Stage 3: Heal a teammate using the bandage bazooka while wearing the Remedy outfit (1) ToxinIcon.png

Remedy Vs Toxin (Toxin)

Stage 1: Reach Level 60 (60) 8-BallVsScratch.png

8-Ball Vs Scratch Outfit

Stage 2: Complete 6 Missions (6) Stage 3: Eliminate an opponent while wearing the Scratch Outfit (1) ScratchIcon.png

8-Ball Vs Scratch (Scratch)

Stage 1: Reach Level 80 (80) CameoVsChic.png

Cameo Vs Chic Outfit

Stage 2: Complete 7 Missions (7) Stage 3: Spray a Green, Yellow, Blue, Red, or Purple Steel Bridge while wearing the Cameo Outfit (1) ChicIcon.png

Cameo Vs Chic (Chic)

Challenge Reward Stage 2 Challenge Stage 2 Reward Stage 3 Challenge Stage 3 Reward
Collect F-O-R-T-N-I-T-E letters hidden in Loading Screens (8) Sorana.png

Sorana Outfit

Stage 2: Find the Back Bling hidden in the Chaos Rising Loading Screen while wearing the Sorana Outfit ReadyRuck.png

Ready Ruck Back Bling

Stage 3: Find the Pickaxe hidden in the Chaos Rising Loading Screen while wearing the Sorana Outfit PartyCrashers.png

Party Crashers Harvesting Tool

Reach Levels

The leveling system has been changed after Season 10. The original leveling system has been removed, and the Battle Pass tiers are now called levels. Whatever number the Battle Pass is, is what a player's level is. By reaching Level 80 or above, a player can earn all the Chapter 2 Season 1 Battle Pass outfits besides Fusion, at Level 100. The max level has increased over 100 this season, which makes it seem most likely that an average player can reach Level 100 without purchasing levels.

Complete Missions

Missions have stayed as the main challenges for Chapter 2 Season 1. During Season 10, players would have to complete Missions to earn weekly loading screens, and extra styles and cosmetics for Season 10 Battle Pass. Upon purchasing the Chapter 2 Season 1 Battle Pass, multiple Missions will be rewarded weekly on Thursdays. Themed Missions have returned, but only one Batle Pass Mission is available, called the Unfused Missions only unlocked upon reaching Level 100. However, the Unfused Missions does not count as a Mission for the Alter Ego Challenges. Upon completing a full set of Themed Missions, part of the Alter Ego Challenges will be complete, although it would take at least two sets to start completing challenges.

Collect F-O-R-T-N-I-T-E letters

Just like Missions, Weekly Loading Screens have remained in the game. Originally, Free battle pass tiers icon.pngBattle Stars and Banners would be rewarded for finding hidden in game items seen in Weekly Loading Screens. Upon earning Weekly Loading Screens, the items would be available to collect, Battle Stars earning a Free battle pass tiers icon.png10 Battle Stars, or free Battle Pass tiers. During the last few seasons, Banners have been fully replaced with Free battle pass tiers icon.pngBattle Stars, and for Chapter 2 Season 1, letters have been hidden in the Weekly Loading Screens rather than Free battle pass tiers icon.pngBattle Stars. Upon collecting all the letters, they would spell out the word Fortnite, and reward the secret skin, Sorana.


  • Sorana was revealed to be the secret skin of the Alter Ego Challenges on November 19th, but she was not available to unlock yet due to the letters not being able to be fully collected yet until November 28th.
  • The final challenge is the only one to have three rewards for all three stages. Every other challenge has three stages, but only two challenges.
  • The Ready Ruck and the Party Crashers are hinted at their locations in the Chaos Rising Loading Screen, but were still available to collect in game before it was released.