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Two teams of 50 fight to the finish!
Genre Battle Royale LTM
Queue Type Squads icon.pngSquads
Release December 7, 2017
Last Featured September 22, 2019
Version V3

50v50 is a Battle Royale Limited Time Mode (LTM) where two teams of 50 fight for victory. 50v50 was the first LTM to be added to Battle Royale; Epic Games revealed the LTM at The Game Awards on December 6, 2017 and released it the following day.[1] 50v50 is currently in its fourth version. 50v50 V2 was released in Patch 3.5.2 on April 18, 2018. V3 was released on June 11, 2018. The current mode is Soaring 50s where you can redeploy your glider at any height.

LTM Rules and Gameplay

Due to this being a “large squad” mode, Profile Stats are not tracked. Daily & Weekly challenges still work, with the exception of the Squad-based challenges (‘Place Top 6 in Squads’, etc.). 50v50 was removed on October 17, 2018.

Storm zone icon.png Storm and Map

50v50 in season 3

  • Each team has a bus, approaching the island from opposite directions. On the map, the friendly bus has a blue outline, enemy has red. The path lines of the bus also have the same colors. The enemy bus has a red path line and friendly is also blue.
  • The map has a dotted line, which indicates the "battle lines" between the two teams. Crossing the line will make running into enemies more likely.
  • Final storm circle visible on minimap at start.
  • Players have 10 minutes to loot the map as the storm closes in on the circle, then 5 minutes to fight, and another 5 minutes as the storm shrinks to the end.
  • Supply drops come in batches of 3-6, fall every two minutes, and only land in the final storm circle.
  • Added dotted line to map, which indicates the "battle lines" between the two teams. Crossing the line will make running into enemies more likely.
  • Friendly players can be seen in the map with a blue marker and shown as a blue arrow. The 3 people in your squad will be shown with their colors instead of Friendly blue.
  • Due to this being a "large squad" mode, Profile Stats will not be tracked. Daily & Weekly challenges will still work, with the exception of the Squad-based challenges.


Patch 5.10 (July 24, 2018)
  • Various server performance improvements focused on the 50v50 LTM.

Hotfix (June 29, 2018)

This time around 50v50 will have:
  • Double normal Dual Pistol spawn rate
  • Double bounce pads spawns
  • +50% resource rates
  • 50v50 v2 storms

Patch 4.4 (June 11, 2018)

50v50 V3
  • A new, larger Storm circle has been added to the beginning of the match.
  • Extra supply drops fall in the new circle, giving more players a chance to find an open one.
  • Supply drops now come in batches of 4-8 (up from 3-6), fall every two minutes, and only lands in the first two Storm circles.
  • The damage applied over time while in the Down But Not Out state has been changed to the default of 2 damage per tick.
  • Bonus resources earned from farming reduced from +75% to +25%.
  • The Storm circles are now more likely to bias towards the center of the map, this helps make the bus flight path less important.

Hotfix May 16, 2018

  • We've removed the vaulted weapons (crossbow, guided missile) and impulse grenades the 50v50 LTM. We've also added the new delicious apples from today's 4.2 update in the LTM!

Patch 4.2 (May 16, 2018)

  • 50v50 V2 Adjustments
    • DBNO (Down But Not Out) damage per tick lowered from 10 to 5.
    • Chest spawn rate increased from 50-70% to 75-90%.
    • Final circle is shortened from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.
      • This last circle exists for 60 seconds before gradually closing in over an additional 60 seconds.

Hotfix May 15, 2018

  • ⛈️The storm will now deal 10 damage per tick for all ring phases. ⛈️
    • This change was made to improve gameplay flow - we noticed that a high number of matches were resolving with a team healing while in the Storm, rather than resolving due to the normal pace of combat.


50v50 launch trailer.
50v50 V2 launch trailer.