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5.0 Content Update Notes
Date 17 July 2018
Major Patch 5.0
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Two new weapons make their way into Save the World and Battle Royale. Try these new additions for yourself in the v5.0 Content Update.

Submachine Gun (Battle Royale)

Make enemies think twice before they push you. Run and gun with the new Submachine Gun, ideal for those intense close range battles.

Typewriter Assault Rifle (Save the World)

If the pen is mightier than the sword then what does that make the Typewriter Assault Rifle? This high capacity weapon takes the cake when it comes to Husk clearing!

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Save the World 50% Off Sale (Save the World)

Level up with your friends and lead the world's remaining Heroes in the fight to save humanity and take back the world.

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Battle Royale

Weapons + Items

Save the World


Purchase the game for half off for a limited time.

  • Started July 17, 2018, and ended July 30, 2018.

    Typewriter Assault Rifle Promotional Image

Weapon + Items

  • Typewriter Assault Rifle added to the Weekly Store.
    • A mid-range assault weapon with a high capacity magazine and a lateral kick. Its shooting profile makes it ideal for clearing groups of nearby enemies in mobile engagements.
    • Available Wednesday, July 18 at 8 PM EST until Wednesday, July 25 at 8 PM EST.