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15.40 Patch Notes
Date 16 February 2021
Major Patch 15.40
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Battle Royale[]

Weapons + Items[]


  • Enemy and ally player levels are now hidden unless if they are in your squad.

15.40.1 Hotfix[]

15.40.2 Hotfix[]

Map Changes[]

Bug Fixes[]

  • Total Bars appearing as 0 in a match.
    • This issue only happens when there is high latency.
  • Purple XP Coins disappearing when driven through (without granting XP).
  • Matchmaking doesn’t start if unreadied player leaves early.

Save The World[]

What's New?[]

  • Legendary Dashing Hawk Hero and Legendary Love Song Bow Sniper Rifle will be available in the Event Store on February 21st at 7PM ET.
  • Extraterrestrial Rio Perks has been changed! These new perks are available as the following:
    • Standard Perk: Resonant Frequency
      • Increases Energy Damage by 20% while Shields are at least 50% full.
    • Commander Perk: Resonant Frequency+
      • Increases Energy Damage by 60% while Shields are at least 50% full.
  • Love Song Bow Special Ability:
    • Make the Husks Lovestruck with the Love Song Keeping the bow drawn past max charge will fire an arrow that stuns the enemy for 10 seconds. Weapon damage will break this effect. Does not affect Bosses or enemies that have recently been Lovestruck.
  • A new questline arrives on February 27th, 2021 at 7PM ET. The Valor Questline arrives!.
  • New Hero!: Major Oswald. Major Oswald from the Homebase team will be joining the fight against the husks!. Earn him through the Valor Questline.
    • Major Oswalds Team and Hero Perk:
      • Standard Perk: Command Presence
        • War Cry snares enemies within its range by 30% for its duration.
      • Commander Perk: Command Presence+
        • War Cry snares enemies within its range by 30% for its duration. Additionally, affected enemies take 25% increased weapon damage.
    • New Defender!, It is Major Oswalds favorite! Val. Earn Val through the new questline.
  • Fallen Love Ranger Jonesy. Love Hurts, He'll be arriving to the Event Store on Feb. 27 at 7PM ET
    • Fallen Love Ranger Jonesy's Team and Hero Perk:
      • Standard Perk: Fuel for the Fallen
        • Eliminations restore 6 Energy over 3 seconds. Duration refreshed with additional eliminations.
      • Commander Perk: Fuel for the Fallen+
        • Eliminations restore 18 Energy over 3 seconds. Duration refreshed with additional eliminations.

= Quality Life of Changes[]

  • Nurse husks has received a nerf.
    • No matter how many Nurses there are next to a husk, all husks around those Nurses will be healed at the same rate as only one nurse is healing a husk.
  • Husks now deal less damage to player-built structures in Twine Peaks Zones (Power Level 76-160 Zones)
  • Husks no longer are becoming immune to traps when there are far more husks around in a small group.
  • All traps now require the same amount of resources to be crafted. For example, you will need 7 Nuts 'n' Bolts to craft an Uncommon Ceiling Gas Trap but you will need more Nuts 'n' Bolts to craft a Legendary Ceiling Gas Trap. (11). Now you will only need 7 for each variant starting from Uncommon going up to Legendary.
  • Tier 5 Materials will now spawn more frequently in higher-end Twine Peaks Missions rather then Tier 4 Materials. For example, you are more likely to receive Sunbeam Crystals from a Storm Chest in a Power Level 160 Zone instead of Shadowshard Crystals.
  • Trap and Weapon Spawning has been adjusted from destroying an encampment, searching containers, building radar towers and many more. You will no longer get Common weapons or traps in Canny Valley starting with Power Level 46 missions. Uncommon traps or weapons will then be phased out in Twine Peaks starting with power level 76 missions and finally Rare weapons and Traps will be phased out in mid Twine Peaks (power level 100 missions.)
  • Max stack size per item inside the inventory has been increased from 200 to 999.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Mythic Lead Survivor portraits appear only as silhouettes. (Having no unique icon)
  • Locating a Durrr Burger not counting towards the "Locating: Burger Break!" Ventures quest.


What's New?[]

  • Nothing new in Creative with Patch v15.40

Bug Fixes[]

  • Phone Booths do not respect island settings when players change Outfits.