15.21 Patch Notes

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15.21 Patch Notes
Date 20 January 2021
Major Patch 15.21
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Battle Royale

Weapons + Items


  • IO Guards have been removed from Arena
  • Sand Tunneling has been re-enabled.

Save The World

  • Season 4 of Ventures arrives on January 24th at 7PM ET. This season will be in the Mild Meadows biome (City).
    • Season 4 will run from Jan. 24 to Apr. 3 at 7PM ET.
    • This seasons modifier will be the the Escalation Modifier
      • The player's team will receive a small boost to bonus damage (capping out at a 100% increase). In addition, reaching kill streaks will trigger an Elemental Burst at all Commanders’ locations, dealing damage and unleashing additional effects.

Streaks in eliminations include the following:

  • 30 Eliminations: Nature Burst - A burst that deals damage and stuns surrounding enemies for 3 seconds.
  • 60 Eliminations: Fire Burst - Will deal damage and apply a blistering debuff which causes damage every second.
  • 90 Eliminations: Dance Party - Deals damage, refills Commander’s energy, and causes targets to dance for 7 seconds.
  • 120 Eliminations: Ice Burst - Will deal damage and freeze nearby targets for 5 seconds.
  • 150 Eliminations: Energy Burst - Will damage and cause nearby enemies to take increased damage for 10 seconds.

Escalation elimination streaks will reset when the streak drops.

  • Machinist Mina Save the World Starter Pack will be available starting January 24th at 7PM ET. The Powerhouse Pack will be leaving the store at the same time as well.
  • The No Dancing questline makes a return on January 24th at 7PM ET. Completion of this questline rewards Stoneheart Farrah.
  • Wargames simulations will grant extra rewards during the Valentine event.
  • Wukong, Dragon Fist and and Lunar Llamas is available on January 24th at 7PM ET in the Event Store.
  • Snuggle Specialist Sarah makes a return to the Event Store on January 31st at 7PM ET.


  • Nothing new in Creative with v15.21