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13.30 Patch Notes
Date 21 July 2020
Major Patch 13.30
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Content Creator Patch Notes

Summer Splash LTMs

Another wave of LTMs enter the Summer Splash rotation this week, including Payback!, Catch!, and One Shot.

The Seas-son Evolves

As water levels recede, familiar locations are revealed and something new (and a new challenge) surfaces.

Get the Band Back Together -- Teamwork Required!

We've added new Challenges recommended for group play -- team up with your favorite squadmates and clean up. Anyone in your squad can contribute. Prove to us they're too easy and we'll ratchet up the difficulty.


The final challenge for Build-A-Brella is available this week. Lock in your perfect style.

Updated Mobile HUD Layout Tool

Check out the new changes by accessing the HUD Layout Tool through the menu.


ICYMI: All of Aquaman's Challenges are now available, meaning all of his rewards - including his Outfit with bonus Arthur Curry style - are now unlockable.

Where's My Car?

No Sweat is investigating auto coverage. Until then, many of the Island's vehicles have been recalled.

Battle Royale

Weapons + Items

  • Submachine Gun
    • The Epic and Legendary Submachine Gun reload time decreased from (2.2/2.1) to (1.9/1.8)
      • Sometime after the update Epic deployed a Hotfix to fix this issue.
  • Flare Gun
    • You can now light campfires with it.
      • Due to the lack of official patch notes it is possible that this feature was added in v13.20.


  • Galaxy Scout Cup (exclusive to Android smartphone/tablet owners)

Map Changes

  • All vehicles (props) are gone.
    • Although, vehicles that are stuck in the ground or are severely damaged are still on the Island in addition to truck trailers.
  • Salty Springs and Lazy Lake has received upgrades to their gas stations. This is to prepare for the release date of drive-able cars very soon, which is rumored to be released with Week 6 challenges and the water level decrease.
  • Pawntoon has been buffed by adding a Ghost Henchman Chest.
    • The glitch where Fishing Rods & Harpoon Guns won't spawn when searching or destroying the Fishing Rod Barrel has been fixed.

Bug fixes

  • The Authority
    • Gliders stuttered or would not work at all.
    • Flare Gun projectiles were fixed in place when shot.
    • Supply Drops would not open and acted like they were not a solid object when searched.
  • Black rectangles appearing behind a player when turning around in The Storm
  • Floating Rings not visible on platforms with lower settings.
  • May have been fixed
    • Floating rings challenges.

Save the World

See Homebase Status Report (07/21/2020)

Bug Fixes

  • Goin Constructor's animation fixed.
  • Ammo is consumed when a weapon is dropped and picked up.


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